Enabling the Google Ads Integration


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By connecting your Google Ads and Branch accounts, the following is enabled:

  • App conversion data collected by the Branch SDK sent to Google Ads for attribution.
  • Read-only access to import click and impression data at the aggregate level from Google Ads into your Branch account.
  • Viewing Google Ads - your manager (MCC) and children accounts - metrics in your Branch dashboard.

Linking Branch in Google Ads

To link Branch to your Google Ads account, please follow Google's Link a third-party app analytics provider and Google Ads.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • You’ll need to create a different link ID for each app you track with Branch. Once you've generated the link ID and shared it with Branch you'll be able to import conversion events into Google Ads.
  • You must be an admin in your Google Ads account in order to generate link IDs.
  • If you manage campaigns for the same app in multiple Google Ads accounts either:
    - Use cross-account conversion tracking and setting up a link ID with your third-party app analytics provider in your manager account. Ensure after setting up the link ID and conversions at MCC level, that you have appropriately set the manager as the conversion account for each sub-account you will run app ads on under Accounts>Management in Google Ads.
    - Share a single link ID with another Google Ads account.
    - The account you share from will be the “owner” of the link ID. Only the “owner” of the link ID can share their link ID with other accounts. Any account that has accepted the owner's invite will be able to import conversions from the corresponding third-party app analytics provider for the app associated with the shared link ID.

Store these Link IDs for easy access as you will need them to finish enabling the integration.

Connecting with Google Ads in Branch

Once you've linked Branch in Google Ads:

  1. Navigate to Branch's partner management tab and click Connect with Google. Choose the email address that is tied to the Google Ads accounts you want to connect.
    Connect GoogleConnect Google
  2. Select all the necessary accounts, and continue.
    Connect AccountsConnect Accounts
  3. Finally, paste the Link IDs from earlier.
    Create Link IDsCreate Link IDs

Importing Events Into Google Ads

After you have set both Branch & Google Ads up, wait ~20 minutes, and go back to the Google Ads dashboard. NOTE: You can expedite this process if you open your app and simulate the events you want forwarded.

To import your app conversion data as measured by the Branch SDK, please follow Google's Track app conversion with third-party analytics providers.


Include in Conversions

For any first open event conversions, please ensure you've marked Include in Conversions to YES. Doing so includes the first open conversion action’s data in your Conversions reporting column in Google Ads. This is important as Branch reports first open events to Google Ads, whereas Google Ads reports on app installs.

For more information, please refer to Google's About the "Include in 'Conversions'" setting.

Adding the Agency Tag to Campaign Name

Only agencies managing advertising campaigns on behalf of a client must prepend their Agency ID to the campaign name when creating advertising campaigns for Self-Attributing Networks (SANs).


Agency ID Required

Failure to append the campaign name with the Agency ID will result in any subsequent conversion not being properly attributed to the responsible agency.

Finding Your Agency ID

You can find your Agency ID under Account Settings in the Agency view.

Creating Your Agency Tag

Your agency tag must adhere to the following format:



Example Campaign with Agency tag


You can append the Agency Tag to either the beginning or the end of the campaign name.


Agency ID Removed When Exporting

The ~campaign value displayed in exports/analytics will not include the agency_id. If you set up a campaign called test_campaign_agency_1234 in Facebook, and for any installs that came from that campaign, the ~campaign value will be test campaign.

Setup FAQs

Do I have to set attribution windows?

For example, if a user clicked an ad 8 days ago, and Google claims credit for the resulting app install, we would not count the install attribution, because our default is 7 days from click. However, it is ultimately up to you which attribution window you would like to use.

Below is Google's recommendation:

  • Click to session start: 90
  • Click to install: 30
  • Click to conversion event: 90
  • Impression to session start: 1
  • Impression to install: 1
  • Impression to conversion event: 1

How do I handle multiple Google Ads accounts?

Firstly, it is not necessary to connect all Google Ads accounts. However, you must connect the Google Ads account that owns in-app conversions for your mobile app. Often, this is the MCC account.


MCC Accounts

Inside an MCC, it is possible to configure which account (the MCC or the child account) is responsible for conversions. Ensure that you create link IDs with the account that is noted as the Conversion Account under the MCC > Management tab.

MCC AccountsMCC Accounts

If you only have access to the child account (but that account is attached to an MCC), you can see which account is recording conversions within the child account as well, by going to Tools > Conversions > Settings > Conversion Account in Google Ads.

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Enabling the Google Ads Integration

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