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Manage your QR Codes

Organize and manage your QR Codes


All QR Codes you create in the Branch Dashboard can be sorted and managed. Similar to Branch Quick Links, it's important to keep your QR Codes organized to help you manage your campaigns.

Manage your QR Codes

In the Branch Dashboard, navigate to the QR Codes manager page and here you can view all of the QR Codes created by you or the team.

You can sort your QR Codes by:

  • Creation Date (will also indicate last edit date)
  • Creator
  • Title

Additionally, you can click the suspension dots icon on any QR Code to perform a specific action:

EditAllows you to edit the QR Code to customize things like analytics tags, redirects, link data, and QR Code looks.
DuplicateWill navigate to the QR Code creation flow and copy any analytics tags, redirects, link data, and customization settings from the first QR Code.
QR CodeBrings up a model that allows you to download the QR Code as a PNG or JPEG.
AnalyzeWill navigate to the QR Codes Analytics page and apply the Link Title filter to only report on that specific QR Code.
ArchiveArchives the QR Code. You can later filter for only "archived" QR Codes that allow your to unarchive the QR Code.
DeleteDeletes the QR Code.