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TikTok SKAdNetwork

View SKAdNetwork data in Branch for your TikTok For Business Campaigns.


The introduction of iOS 14.5 came with the rise of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) which had industry-wide impacts on the mobile measurement and attribution ecosystem. As such, TikTok For Business will work similarly to most non-self-attribution networks when it comes to SKAdNetwork campaigns.

How does it work?

The Branch SDK can be used to manage all calls to SKAN. Once TikTok For Business is integrated and authenticated with Branch and the SDK is tracking events, TikTok For Business will forward individual SKAN postbacks to Branch.

TikTok For Business SKAN Support

Supported Campaigns

TikTok Campaign TypeSKAN Support for Branch
TikTok App Install:white-check-mark:
TikTok App Re-Engagement:x: Does not support SKAN

Apple Postback Data

Ad Network ID:white-check-mark:
Campaign ID:white-check-mark:
Transaction ID:white-check-mark:
App ID:white-check-mark:
Attribution Signature:white-check-mark:
Source App ID:white-check-mark:
Fidelity Type:white-check-mark:

Added TikTok Data

Campaign ID:white-check-mark:
Campaign Name:white-check-mark:
Ad Set ID:white-check-mark:
Ad Set Name:white-check-mark:
Ad ID:x:
Ad Name:x:
Creative ID:x:
Creative Name:x:


In order to enable TikTok For Business SKAdNetwork, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Enable TikTok For Business
  2. Access to Apple's developer tool.

Enable TikTok SKAdNetwork

1. Authenticate SKAdNetwork in Branch



Authenticating your app requires access to Apple's developer tool App Store Connect as Branch requires several IDs and a key to complete authentication and sync the correct app to your Branch account.


To configure SKAdNetwork functionality:

  1. Navigate to the SKAdNetwork Configuration Tab in the Branch Dashboard
    a. In the left-hand navigation, under Channel & Links, click on Ads.
    b. In the Ads sub-menu, click on SKAdNetwork.
    c. On the SkAdNetwork page, click on the Configuration tab.

  1. On the Authentication tab, please provide the following App Store Connect information:
    a. Issuer ID
    b. Key ID
    c. Private Key
    - Select either "Admin" or "App Manager" access level
  2. Click Save & Continue.

  1. Once your App Store Connect account is authenticated (denoted by a green checkmark), please verify the correct app has been synced and click Integrate.


App Store Connect Credentials

App Store Connect credentials are used as a one time check to verify app ownership. These credentials may be removed after the App Integration step is complete (green checkmark appears next to "App Integration"). Remove credentials by selecting "Reset App Store Credentials". The SKAdNetwork integration is complete and valid as long as the App Integration step is completed.

2. Opt-in for Branch SDK Support

In the SKAdNetwork Config section of the Branch dashboard, select the YES radio button to have the Branch SDK handle all calls to SKAdNetwork.

Do NOT opt-in if you decide to:

3. Assign Conversion Values to Events


Custom Events

Custom Events need to be mapped in the TikTok For Business Events Config so Branch can share the conversion value with TikTok.

  • In the SKAdNetwork Config section of the Branch dashboard, select all app events you want Branch to send to Apple for attribution.
  • You may optionally select a Customer Event Alias and/or a Revenue Range to further distinguish the conversion value.
  • Assign unique values to each event (Apple accepts any number from 0 to 63) that represent their level of importance to you, where 63 is the highest priority and 0 is the lowest priority. Apple will always use the event with the highest priority, regardless if an event with a lower priority was tracked afterward.


Revenue Range Guidance

  • Revenue range is available for all Commerce Events where revenue is available on the event (Purchase, Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, View Cart, Initiate Purchase, Add Payment Info, Click Ad, View Ad, Reserve, Spend Credits).
  • Revenue must be entered as USD on the dashboard. Branch will convert revenue with different currencies on events to USD.
  • Revenue ranges must not overlap for the same event (Ex: 1-100, 50-150).
  • Lower Bound Revenue is inclusive, Upper Bound Revenue is exclusive.
  • While not necessary, it is recommended to include both a lower + upper bound on every event.

SKAdNetwork Reporting

You may view performance of your SKAdNetwork Campaigns through the SKAdNetwork Activity Tab


For additional details on the reporting capabilities, dimensions, etc. please see the following guides: