NativeLink™ Deferred Deep Linking

Deep Link after app install with Branch NativeLink™


NativeLink™ is an innovation from Branch that bridges the gap created by Private Relay with an on-device solution that does not require the use of an IP address for deferred deep linking. Since NativeLink™ is opt-in by default, individual users are in full control of their privacy options.

With no unique personally identifiable information required, there is no privacy tracking risk with NativeLink™. It works by utilizing the native copy and paste functionality already built into the phone.

How does it work?

  1. User clicks a Branch Link
  2. User's web browser opens and the user will see the new NativeLink™ experience; a blue call-to-action button
  3. Once clicking on the blue call-to-action, the URL location is copied to the clipboard
  4. User is then brought to the App Store to download the app.
  5. After installation, NativeLink™ will check the clipboard for the URL and process it for deep linking

Integration Guide


Developer Required

Developers knowledgeable with Mobile Development is required.

1. Make sure your Branch iOS SDK is v1.39.4+

Ensure that your mobile app is set up for deep-linked routing from Branch Links

2. Implement a single line of code for the app to process a NativeLink™ enabled Branch Link

Please follow the instructions in our developer documentation for implementing the single line of code.

3. Toggle NativeLink™ on in the Branch Dashboard

Select your audience rule.

4. Create & Configure your Branch Link

Branch Link creation options:

Additional information on configuring your Branch Link can be found here.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Because enabling and using NativeLink™ requires iOS development resources, you can find our NativeLink™ testing & troubleshooting steps in our developer documentation.

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NativeLink™ Deferred Deep Linking

Deep Link after app install with Branch NativeLink™

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