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Enable Deepviews

Enable Branch Deepviews to drive your customers to your app.


In order to enable Deepviews, you require specific permissions to your Branch app:

App-Level SettingsSettings or features that can impact functionality app-wide.Edit or Admin Access Level

1. Navigate to the Deepviews Tab

Log into the Branch Dashboard. From the Configuration page, navigate to the Deepview Manager tab.

2. Enable Deepviews

Branch will automatically generate several Deepviews for you based on what settings you have set in the Configuration page. Deepviews are configured separately for visitors on each platform: iOS, Android, Desktop. There's a tab for each platform and pre-built templates that you can customize. Review the templates, for the ones you want to customize toggle the Enable slider.

Branch offers several different templates for you to use, duplicate, and customize for your specific brand. The core layout of the pre-built templates allows you to showcase high-level information about your app. You have the following elements to configure:

  • App Image
  • App Name
  • Deepview Title
  • Deepview Description
  • Call-to-Action Text

Deepview Templates


QR Codes

We recommend utilizing QR Codes as much as possible, and you can utilize Branch's Desktop QR Code Deepview to drive users to your app

Mobile Deepviews

Desktop Deepviews

3. Create a Custom Deepview

You can also create a Custom Deepview to be more specific with different attributes of the Deepview. There are 2 ways to create a custom template:

  • Find a default template and click on the ... and then click Duplicate.
  • Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the Deepview page, and click + New Deepview.

Note: Unlike the prebuilt template, custom Deepview templates are shared between all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop), and cannot be deleted after creation.


Special Characters

Using special characters like + for the name/key of the Deepview will break the URL. Avoid using special characters.

There are several properties that you can edit the Deepview using the different tabs:


Displays your new template, and allows you to modify the default fallback OG tags used if none are specified for a link.


The Editor tab allows you to edit the raw HTML and CSS for your template. The rendered template will update as you modify the markup.

Click Save when you are done editing your Deepview.

Using your Deepviews

You can configure your Branch Links to use Deepviews when the user clicks on the link.

Via Quick Links Redirects

When creating a Branch Quick Link, you can set a specific Deepview to show when users click on links without the app installed. Simply select Deepview for the platform, and the enabled Deepview of your choice in the dropdown.

Via Branch Link Data

Additionally, you can show a Deepview by setting the redirect through the link data. Whatever mechanism you are using to create your Branch Link, you can add the following key/value pairs:

$ios_deepviewThe key of the deepview template to use for iOSbranch_default
$android_deepviewThe key of the deepview template to use for Androidbranch_default
$desktop_deepviewThe key of the deepview template to use for the Desktopbranch_qr_code_default