Branch Support Handbook

Contacting Branch Support

The best way to contact Branch's Technical Support team is through our Web form.

If you have questions on Billing, you can reach us at [email protected]

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Our Response Time SLAs are defined by your Pricing Plan and Tier and are subject to change. Please find the current SLAs below.

Pricing Plan

Target First Response Times

Enterprise Plan

2 - 6 Business Hours depending on Tier

Startup Plan

1 Business Day

Launch and Free Plan

2 Business Days

Best Practices while reaching out to Support

  • Please include your Branch App ID with your support ticket, you can find your App Id from the Branch Dashboard by navigating to Account Settings > About your App.

  • Including steps to reproduce the issue, error messages and any screenshots whenever applicable, will help us expedite our Investigation.

  • If you are an Ad Partner or an Agency reaching out to us about a specific campaign, please provide us with the tracking link and details about the campaign/customer app.

  • If the issue is related to your app code, please send us code snippets whenever applicable.

  • Whenever reporting a new issue, please consider starting a new email thread, using an old email thread for a different ticket could delay response.

  • You can reply to the auto-response that you receive whenever a new ticket is created to add additional information to the ticket.

What’s Next