SAN Deferred Deep Linking


SAN Deferred Deep Linking

SAN Deferred Deep Linking is by request only. Please contact our support team to gain access to this feature.


When the Branch SDK initializes within an app, it calls out to Branch and gets back deep link data. This historically has excluded data from Self-Attributing Networks (SANs). With this feature, we will now return SAN ad data as deep link data, on new installs or reinstalls (not opens).

The following SANs are supported:

  • Google
  • Snap


SAN Deferred Deep Linking Post iOS 14.5 Changes

iOS ONLY: SAN Deferred Deep Linking will only work after the user opts-in to sharing their device data through Apple's AppTrackingTransparency framework. This also means that there will be a delay due to the nature of the 2nd install event only occurring after a paid-attributed opt-in.

For additional information on changes post iOS 14.5, visit our FAQ Pages

Viewing the Returned SAN Deep Link Data

We will only return the information we get back from the SAN, which does not include any Branch link control parameters, because there is no Branch link involved. Even if customers put a Branch link in the ad, that link’s data will not be returned as part of this feature.

Below is an example response to The deep link data is inside data.

    "session_id": "775732418224171111",
    "identity_id": "775732414789038000",
    "link": "",
    "data": {
        "+is_first_session": true,
        "$3p": "a_google",
        "~advertising_partner_name": "Google",
        "+click_timestamp": 1557204842,
        "~secondary_publisher": "google",
        "~campaign": "ABC",
        "~campaign_id": "33333377778880001",
        "~ad_set_name": "DEF",
        "~ad_set_id": "4444333399990002",
        "~ad_name": "XYZ",
        "~ad_id": "22223333377770003",
        "~feature": "paid advertising",
        "~ad_objective_name": "APP_INSTALLS",
        "~channel": "Google"
    "device_fingerprint_id": "777778888855555222"