Universal Email Overview


Deep Linked Email allows you to automatically convert your email links into multi-platform deep links that take users directly to content in the app on mobile devices, while still maintaining the same web experience for desktop and mobile users without the app.

Using Branch you can have deeper insights into engagement with consumers, not just clicks, but also application installs, opens, purchase etc. Driving your customers into the app will significantly increase user engagement as demonstrated in case studies from Airbnb and Instacart, who are already using Branch link in their emails.

How it Works

Traditionally, getting links to work in email has always been fairly time-consuming and sometimes futile process. If you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send your marketing emails, deep linking into your app has always been out of the question as it simply doesn’t work - due to broken Domain-App association - thus users can only be routed to your mobile web content.

Branch solves this problem by integrating directly with your ESP and acting as a proxy between your ESP’s server and your customized domain name. As the proxy, Branch not only forwards all of the information associated with the link and click to your ESP, but also receives information back including personalized content which Branch uses when redirecting the user to your app or mobile web.

Click Flow with Branch Universal Email Integration

Click Flow with Branch Universal Email for Integrations that Always Open the App