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Deepview Analytics

View performance for your Deepviews on the Branch Dashboard.

Deepview Analytics

Branch lets you track the flow of users through Deepviews. You can find this information on the Deepview Activity page of the Branch Dashboard.

There are various metrics to understand when deep linking from your mobile website with Deepviews.

  • Views: a user viewed the mobile site.
  • Clicks: a user clicked on the Deepview CTA
  • Installs: a user installed the app for the first time
  • Upgrades: a user re-opened or upgraded the app from a previous version

Only users who do not have the app will go through this flow. You can view the total counts and conversion rate from each step on this chart.


No Deepview CTA Click

If a user without your app clicks a Branch link with an Active Deepview enabled but does not click the Deepview CTA, downstream activity (e.g. installs, purchases) will not be attributed to the original link click.