Google Ads Data & Reporting

Manage your Google Ads integration data through events, exports, and reports.


After connecting Google Ads to Branch, data will seamlessly flow between the two to measure your campaigns' performance. It is helpful to know what kinds of data are passed to each platform to properly compare campaigns and optimize future campaigns. The Branch Dashboard will also populate with helpful reports for campaign measurement.

Mapping Between Google Ads & Branch

Campaign Data Mapping

Branch DataGoogle DataDefinitionPossible Values
~campaign_idcampaign_idThe numeric campaign ID of the campaign that produced the ad event. This value is guaranteed unique.Google Ads Campaign ID
~campaigncampaign_nameThe advertiser-defined campaign name of the campaign that produced the ad event. This value is not guaranteed unique.Google Ads Campaign Name
~ad_formatad_typeThe type of ad that resulted in the ad event. This value can be used to distinguish between various types of inventory as follows.ClickToDownload
~channelnetwork_typeThis field will identify the Google Ads advertising network the ad event occurred on.Search
~secondary_publishernetwork_subtypeThis field will identify the “subtype” of the Google Ads advertising network the ad event occurred on. The possible values vary by primary network type.Google Search, Search Partners, mGDN, Google AdMob, YouTubeVideos, YouTubeSearch, VideoPartners; null when campaign_type is UAC and network_type is Display.
~tagscampaign_typeThis field will identify the type of campaign that produced the ad event.UAC, UACe, Search, Display, Video, Shopping
~ad_set_namead_group_nameThe advertiser-defined ad group name that produced the ad event.Google Ads Ad Group Name
~ad_set_idad_group_idThe numeric ID of the ad group that produced with the ad event.Google Ads Ad Group ID
~ad_idcreative_idThe numeric ID of the creative ad unit that produced the ad event. Only provided when campaign_type is not UAC.Google Ads Creative ID
~keywordkeywordThe search keyword associated with the ad event. Only provided when network_type is Search and campaign_type is not UAC.Google Ads Keyword

Event Mapping

Once you begin tracking events through the Branch SDK, you can select which events to import in Google Ads. Google Ads has pre-defined events that map to pre-defined Branch events, listed below.

Regardless of campaign type, Branch will forward in-app events to Google Ads for campaign optimization. In addition, Branch will receive attribution data for rich analysis in the Branch Dashboard.

Branch EventGoogle Event
'REINSTALL'' reinstall_open'

Event Metadata Mapping

Branch Metadata

Google Ads Metadata




The ID of the item being referenced in an app event. Represented as it's SKU number; e,g, SKU_12345



The date when the event ended. The value should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.



The vertical ID associated with the Google's list of verticals used for targeting or excluding categories of placements.



The location associated with the event. If possible, set to the Google Place ID that corresponds to the associated item; e.g. L_12345 . Can also be overridden to a custom location ID string.



The origin of the feed; possible values:

  • USER
custom_data.search_termsearch_termThe term that was searched for; e.g. t-shirts
custom_data.start_datestart_dateThe date when the event started. The value should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
event_data_currencycurrency_codeThe three-character ISO 4217 code; e.g. USD for United States Dollar.
revenuevalueThe monetary value of the conversion event in float format.

Branch Dashboard Reports

Available Dimensions to Compare by for UAC

Clicks:white-check-mark: Yes
Cost:white-check-mark: Yes
Impressions:white-check-mark: Yes
Feature:white-check-mark: Yes
Channel:white-check-mark: Yes
Campaign:white-check-mark: Yes
Tags:x: No*
Stage:x: No
Ad Partner:white-check-mark: Yes
OS:white-check-mark: Yes
Platform:white-check-mark: Yes**
Secondary Publisher:white-check-mark: Yes
Ad Set Name:white-check-mark: Yes
Ad Name:x: No
Creative Name:x: No
Keyword:x: No
Last Touch Type:white-check-mark: Yes
Link ID:x: No
Country:white-check-mark: Yes**

*Used to identify the type of campaign, but not customizable. Ex. ACI/ACE
**Not available on clicks or impressions, but available on attributed activity.

Cost Metrics Data

Analytics TagDescriptionUsed For
CostTotal cost (spend)Understanding the total amount spent for dimensions (analytics tags, user data, time range)
eCPIcost / installsNormalizing spend per install, to understand the average price of an install across networks or over time
eCPCcost / clicksNormalizing spend per click, to understand the average price of an click across networks or over tim
eCPMcost / (impressions / 1000)Normalizing spend per thousand impressions, to understand the average price of 1000 impressions across networks or over time
eCPAcost / purchases [web and app]Normalizing spend per purchase, to understand the average price of a purchase across networks or over time
Return On Investment (ROI)(revenue-cost / cost) * 100Deriving return on investment, to understand the percentage "profit" made on ad spend
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)(revenue / cost) * 100Deriving return on investment by understanding the percentage revenue multiple for a given unit of spend