SKAdNetwork Agency Permissions

Set up special agency permissions for your SKAdNetwork campaigns through the Branch Dashboard.


Special agency access to the Branch Dashboard allows teams to provide specific permissions and access rights to activated agencies. With the introduction of SKAdNetwork, agencies with the following data filters could not view SKAdNetwork data on the Branch Dashboard:

  • Agency-tagged data
  • Revenue data
  • Location data

Special SKAdNetwork agency permissions gives you more flexibility on what SKAdNetwork data to share with agencies. This allows agencies to better understand their campaign performance across networks and to take action based on those insights.

How does it work?

For every enabled ad partner and campaign, you can set up individual agency permissions for accessing SKAdNetwork data. This will be decoupled from the agencies' app-level permissions.




  1. Agency access is already set up for your Branch Dashboard
  2. Admin access to your Branch Dashboard
  1. In the Branch Dashboard, navigate to the Agency Permissions in the SKAdNetwork Configuration
    a. Ads → SKAdNetwork → Configuration Tab → Agency Permissions
  2. Select "Add New Agency Permission"
  3. Set up permissions
    a. Select Agency
    b. Select Ad Partner
    c. Select the campaigns that the agency should have access to for that ad partner (or select all)
    d. Click "Save"
    e. Repeat process for additional permissions.
  4. Remove or edit permissions as needed.