Web to App

Bring web visitors into your app with smart banners using Branch Journeys.



Journeys Required

Journeys is a Branch Premium product. Please reach out to your account manager or to activate.


Getting users to your app can be a challenge. Journeys helps drive growth and engagement by turning your mobile website into your largest source of app installs. Through smart banners and interstitials, you can promote your app on your mobile website that uses intelligent targeting.

Journeys Use Cases:

  • Leverage your website to drive new downloads.
  • Direct/deferred deep link users to relevant in-app content they were viewing on web.
  • Personalized banners and interstitials by targeting based on web-behavior.
    • Visitor from organic search
    • Visitor from email campaign
    • High-intent repeat visitor
    • Existing app user on website

How does it work?

  1. User clicks Branch Journeys banner while viewing web content.
  2. App opens or user is taken to App/Play Store to download the app.
  3. User is taken to app content they were viewing on web

Integration Guide


Developer Required

Developers knowledgeable with APIs, Web, and Mobile Development are required.

1. Implement the Branch Mobile SDKs to your mobile app.

Please visit our Developers Hub to implement the Branch SDK on both iOS and Android.

2. Implement the Branch Web SDK to your website.

Please visit our Web SDK docs to implement the Branch Web SDK.

You can also implement the Branch Web SDK through your preferred Tag Manager (ex. Adobe, Google Tag Manager, Tealium, etc.).

3. Create Journeys Banners or Interstitials

Follow our guide on creating Journeys Banners or Interstitials.

4. Test your Journeys

Test your Journeys banner or interstitial by placing a web URL that is initializing the Branch Web SDK to see the banner in action!