Create Quick Links

Quick links can be used in your social media channels, blog posts, influencer networks, etc. You can create quick links on the fly and add custom redirections, analytics information, and social media tags.

Create a Quick Link

1. Create & Define

  1. Click on the Create button on the top right of the dashboard, and select Quick Link.

  2. You'll be directed to the first phase of creating a link - Define. On the Define screen, complete the following:
    a. Name your Link
    b. Optionally, Is there a web URL that corresponds to this link? If so, we'll scrape Open Graph and meta tags from it and assign the URL to $canonical_url.
    c. Where will you post this link? (utm_source) - Specifying a channel like "Facebook" or "Twitter" will help you compare the performance to other channels.
    d. What campaign is it part of? (utm_campaign) - Specifying a value like "Fall Social Push" will help you compare the performance of this link to others.
    e. What feature will you use this link for? (utm_medium) - If you use this link in a product feature, label it as such. For example, you might use "Web page download CTA" for a download button on your site.

  3. Click Configure Options to move on to the next phase.

2. Configure Options

Deep linking
The Deep Linking tab allows you to configure information passed from web to app to control routing, promo codes, open graph tags, etc.

Routing - The mechanism in which users are routed from web to app so you can direct users to the correct content. For example, this may be via $canonical_url or $deeplink_path

Promo codes - If your app is configured to use a promo code or discount from the Branch data dictionary, you can enter that here. You’ll need to know the exact key-value syntax. Talk to your mobile app developers if you’re unfamiliar.

OG Tags - Control how your links will look when shared on social media platforms. In-depth customizable options here. You will not set title, description or image in this section of the dashboard.

Links you create will automatically inherit redirects on iOS, Android, and Desktop per the default settings applied at your account level. Here you have the ability to override those defaults and direct users to specific locations if the app is not installed.

Default Redirect - Set at the account level within Link Settings. Typically set to the relevant mobile stores.

Web URL - Send users to a specific web page if they don’t have to the app to avoid any unexpected flow to the app store.

Deepview - Send users to a specific Deepview you may have created within the Branch dashboard. Copy the key and paste it into the text box. This is useful if you want to present the user with a preview of the content before taking them directly to the app store, but should not be set for the Desktop option.

Analytics Tags
Set tags on links in order to view performance on them in the dashboard:

Channel - For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Keep the spelling of names consistent.

Campaign -“Cyber Monday”, for example.

Tags - Further tagging granularity. For example, “US”, “UK”, social influencer name, blog poster, etc.

Social Media
Add the following:
1. Title
2. Description
3. Image - This will be automatically populated from OG Tags included on the redirection URL. Use the previewer on the right side of the screen.
* Note that your image may be cropped and aligned differently depending on the social platform.

Click Create Link Now when you're done. You'll then be brought to the last phase of creating a link - Validate & Share.

3. Validate & Share

  1. On the right side of the page, under Validation address any errors if they exist.
  2. If your Validation is good to go, you can start using the link! You'll have the option to:
    • Download the link embedded in a QR code (available in a JPEG or SVG file)
    • Copy the link URL
  3. Click close and begin using your link!

Creating Quick Links via Branch Web Extension


Using Branch's web extensions for Quick link creation enables you to quickly create links for any of your social marketing purposes without having to log into your Branch dashboard. These links can be used in your social media channels, blog posts, influencer networks, etc. They cannot, however, be used to create links for Universal Ads, Universal Email, or Journeys.


  • Download the Extension:

  • Creating links via the Branch Link Creator web extension requires you have deep link data hosted in your website source code. Read our article on Deep Links.

1. One-time Setup: Provide your Branch Key

Before you can create a link, you must authenticate by providing your Branch Key.

  1. In the Add Branch Key modal, input your Branch Key. Learn how to find your Branch key here.
  2. Click Save Key.

Need to Change Your Key?

Click on the extension, and click Change Key.

2. Define Your Link

You can define your link with the following:

  1. Branch automatically retrieves and applies the metadata hosted in your website code to your Quick Link. The following metadata is defined and/or can be edited:

    • Link Name
    • Link Alias
      Analytics Tags
    • Channel
    • Campaign
    • Feature
  2. Web-only Link - If you have a page that should be opened in the browser, use this option. Some examples are T&C pages, Policy pages, etc. We recommend if you have a deep link in-app, keep it unchecked.

  3. If App Not Installed - Always redirect to mobile web.
  4. Click Create Link.

3. Download / Share / Copy Link

Once created, you have several options to disseminate your link:

  • Copy
  • Generate QR code (available as JPEG and SVG)

Bulk Create Quick Links

To create Quick Links in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Quick Links page in the dashboard.
  2. Click the Bulk Create Links button.
  3. Select your CSV that includes the following for each quick link:
    • campaign
    • channel
    • feature
    • stage
    • tags
    • alias
    • data
    • $marketing_title
    • $og_description
    • $fallback_url
    • $desktop_url
  4. Click Create Links.

Quick Link FAQs

How can I create a Quick Link for Snapchat?
Snap won't let you attach redirecting links to stories. The following workaround disables the redirects until you get the link attached, and then re-enables them after you create your story.
1. Create your Quick Link to be attached to your Snap story.
2. On the Configure Options section, do the following:
a. Add the key $always_deeplink, and the value of false in the Deep Linking tab.
b. Enable a Deepview on the iOS platform in the Redirects tab.
3. Attach this link to your Snap story.
4. Come back and edit the Quick Link to:
a. Delete the $always_deeplink key/value from the Deep Linking tab.
b. Remove the Deepview on iOS in the Redirects tab.

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Create Quick Links

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