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Journeys Manager

Managing your Journeys App Banners

The Journeys Manager is your homepage for all of the personalized experiences that have been created.

From the actions menu you can:

  • Start
  • Schedule
  • Edit
  • Clone
  • Analyze
  • Archive

Journey Status

A Journey can have one of five statuses:

DraftNot yet published, editable. If you delete a Draft, it also deletes the corresponding Creative.
ActiveLive for your users, editable
StoppedNot live for your users, editable
ArchivedNot live for your users, editable
ScheduledNot live until set date/time, editable

Filter View

The Filter View allows you to set specific filters to organize all of your Journeys in one place. For any Journey, you can set/change its state, reorder its priority, edit it, clone, and analyze its performance. You can adjust the filters to show Journeys by state, and you can sort by column.

Journey Quick Look

To quickly preview the contents of a Journeys banner, simply hover on the corresponding row. An overlay appears that displays up to two previews of banners and up to two filters configured for a Journey.

You can also Add More Templates and/or Add Rules to the Journey from the Quick Look.


Editing a Live Journey

You may edit Journeys in all states. If you decide to make a change, we recommend making a note of what you changed and when you made the change as your Journeys' performance and analytics may change.

Priority View

The Priority View allows you to set the priority of multiple Journeys when they “overlap,” meaning when a single person is eligible to see multiple Journeys. You can choose the Journey that should show ahead of any others.

Let's say you have two Journeys that may reach the same audience:

  • A half-page interstitial that promotes an offer on your "Shoes" category page.
  • A smart banner that should show for all visitors.

In general, you'd like the interstitial to show ahead of the smart banner on the "Shoes" category page (where both audience segments overlap). You can configure the prioritization by:

  1. In Filter View, hover on the priority value of a Journey you want to update.
  2. In the popover that appears, enter the number and click Save.
  3. The table should refresh with the new priority value(s).


  1. Switch to the Priority View by clicking on the toggle.
  2. Drag and drop Journeys in the order you'd like them to show. Lower numbers mean higher priority (i.e. a Journey with priority 1 is going to show ahead of a Journey with priority 2).
  3. Click the “Save” button when you're done. Now all Journeys will be prioritized in the order they appear in the table.

When do my Journeys prioritization rules apply?

Prioritization only takes effect when two Journeys are overlapping. If you have a Journey targeting iOS users and a Journey targeting Android users, the prioritization won't matter. If you update the Journey targeting iOS to now target iOS and Android users, the higher priority Journey will show to Android users.

What happens if a user dismisses a banner or interstitial?

When a user dismisses a banner or interstitial, that banner or interstitial will be dismissed for the amount of time specified in the Journey’s dismissal settings.

If the Journey has been configured to dismiss all Journeys when dismissed, no other Journey will be shown to the user for the duration of the dismissal period. However, if the Journey has been configured to dismiss only that Journey, other applicable Journeys will still be shown to the user. To view your dismissal settings, edit your Journey, click Save & Continue, click on the name of your Journey and navigate to Dismissal Settings.

Why do I have to prioritize Stopped and Draft Journeys?

It’s important to prioritize all non-Archived Journeys because Journeys can be set live from Draft or Stopped mode.