Branch Quick Start Guide

Ready to implement Branch? There's a number of resources available to you to get started. Here's a list, in order, on how to get started.

  1. Sign-up for Branch - No credit card is required upon signing-up.
  2. When you first create your account, you'll be directed to configure your account and default link behaviors. Use the following guides on how to configure your account, default link behaviors, and add users and agencies:
    a. Add and Manage Users. Reference our article on how to add/edit users.
    c. Validate you are using your desired time zone under Manage Account Profile.
    d. If SSO is included in your subscription, learn how to enable SSO.
    e. Add a test device to allow you to quickly test your configurations after implementing Branch.
  3. Use our Onboarding Wizard to learn what exactly you need to do to implement Branch products. When you open the onboarding wizard do the following:
    a. Select the features you wish to implement. Click Next when you're done.
    b. Select Which platforms does your app run on?. Click Next.
    c. Select the frameworks or SDKs you use. Click Next.
    d. Select the Email Service Provider (ESP) you use. Click Next.
    e. Answer the question Do you have a website?. Click Next.
    f. Select which Ad Networks you use. Click Next.
    g. We then generate an integration plan for you to use and reference. At the bottom of the page, copy the link provided and save it - You can come back and reference this plan.
  4. In addition to the integration plan you created, you will need to determine which SDKs need to be integrated into your app. Use the following table to identify which SDKs are required and access to the documentation:


Required for the following products


  • Journeys

Android SDK

  • Universal Ads
  • Universal Email
  • Journeys


  • Universal Ads
  • Universal Email
  • Journeys

You are done integrating Branch!