Branch can help track your Snap Ad campaigns through our integration with Snap.

Snap is a self-attributing network (SAN).

Snap campaign tracking can show you how many installs and conversion events were attributed to Snap, allowing you to make informed decisions with your advertising dollars.

Branch and Snap supports mobile app conversion attribution for the following campaign types:

  • App Installs
  • Drive Traffic to App


Before you begin, be sure the following is confirmed.

  • First, the Branch SDK must be integrated into your app, for both iOS and Android.
  • You must also collect the IDFA on iOS, or the AAID on Android. For specifics, refer to the set up guide for iOS and Android respectively.
  • Make sure to track all necessary events through the SDKs.

Authenticate with Snap

  1. Navigate to the partner management tab and search for Snap.
  2. Click Log in with Snapchat.
  3. Read and accept the Snap Advertiser Agreement terms if you haven't already.

Branch Admin Required

You must be an Admin on the Branch account in order to accept the Snap Advertiser Agreement terms. You must accept the terms to track your Snap advertising.

  1. Log in to Snap. Once logged in, accept permissions and click Continue .


Due to an issue with Snap Login, if you see the Snap "My Account" screen after logging in, you'll need to manually return to the Branch dashboard at https://dashboard.branch.io/ads/partner-management/a_snap?tab=settings. Click Log in with Snapchat again in the same browser, and you should see the Continue button instead of the login screen.

  1. Click Continue to return to the Branch dashboard.
  1. Confirm the ad accounts that you would like to track.
  1. Enter your Snap App ID. To use different IDs for your Android and iOS apps, check the Use different iOS and Android app IDs.

Note: The Snap App ID is optional. It is not required for authentication & attribution to work.

  1. Click Save to finish.

Note: The Snap measurement integration requires you to have configured your Android and iOS apps on the Link Settings page. If those have not been set up, you will not be able to track ads and you may see a validation warning.

Snap App ID

Snap App IDs are generated by an advertiser in Snap’s Business Manager or when they register their app for Snap at https://kit.snapchat.com/ and tied to the advertiser’s organization ID. Snap App IDs are associated to an advertiser’s organization in Snap’s ad platform. If the Snap App ID is generated in Snap Kit, it will need to be linked to their organization in Business Manager.

Advertisers will only be able to build mobile app custom audiences from their mobile measurement events inside Snap’s ad platform from postback events that have their Snap App ID(s).

Learn more about the Snap App ID.

Snap Audience Network

Snap Audience Network (SDK and RTB) is a network where advertisers can expand the reach of their campaigns beyond Snapchat. Conversion attribution will work the same as Snapchat conversion attribution and advertisers will have the ability to run a single campaign across both Snapchat and
the Snap Audience Network (SAN).

Learn more about Snap Custom Audiences.

Using Branch Links in Snap Campaigns

Branch links are not necessary for attribution, however, you can insert Branch links into the Drive Traffic to App campaign type if you are trying to use deferred deeplinking (send users to a specific page after install+launch).

To use Branch links in your Drive Traffic to App campaigns:

  1. Generate/fetch your Branch link from the Branch dashboard.
  2. Set up your Snap campaign, selecting Drive Traffic to App.
  3. On the Build Your Ads page:
    1. Paste your Branch link into the DEEPLINK URI field.
    2. Select Web Site as the FALLBACK TYPE to ensure deferred deep linking via your Branch link.
  4. Finish building your Snap campaign.

Web Site as Fallback Required for Deferred Deep Linking

Please ensure you choose Web Site as the FALLBACK TYPE and inserting the same Branch link into the provided field. If you choose App Install as the FALLBACK TYPE, users not properly routed will be sent to the App Store without the Branch link and deferred deep linking will not occur.

Adding the Agency Tag to Campaign Name

Only agencies managing advertising campaigns on behalf of a client must prepend their Agency ID to the campaign name when creating advertising campaigns for Self-Attributing Networks (SANs).

Agency ID Required

Failure to append the campaign name with the Agency ID will result in any subsequent conversion not being properly attributed to the responsible agency.

Finding Your Agency ID

You can find your Agency ID under Account Settings in the Agency view.

Creating Your Agency Tag

Your agency tag must adhere to the following format:


Example Campaign with Agency tag


You can append the Agency Tag to either the beginning or the end of the campaign name.

Agency ID Removed When Exporting

The ~campaign value displayed in exports/analytics will not include the agency_id. If you set up a campaign called test_campaign_agency_1234 in Facebook, and for any installs that came from that campaign, the ~campaign value will be test campaign.

View Attribution on Dashboard

All attribution can be visible on the Branch dashboard summary page. All installs and opens registered from this channel will automatically be tagged with Ad Partner: Snap. Other analytics tags will reflect the campaign, ad squad and ad names you set up in the Snap Ads dashboard.

Note that these stats are limited to the date range at the top of the page. You can expand the range if you'd like.

Available Compare By Dimensions for SANs

Self-Attributing Networks (SANs) do not always support all of the dimensions available in your Branch analytics. Please refer to the following table when using Compare by dimensions.

Facebook Google Apple Search Ads Snap
Feature Supported Supported Supported Supported
Channel Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Campaign Supported Supported Supported Supported
Tags Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Stage Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Ad Partner Supported Supported Supported Supported
Secondary Publisher Supported Supported Unsupported Unsupported
Ad Set Name Supported Unsupported Supported Supported
Ad Name Supported Unsupported Unsupported Supported
Creative Name Supported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Keyword Unsupported Supported Supported Unsupported
Last Touch Type Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Link ID Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Country Supported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
OS Unsupported Unsupported Supported Unsupported
Platform Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported

Data Mapping

Event Names

Branch supports sending Standard and Custom Events{target:"_blank"} to Snap. Here are the mappings for Branch events to Snap events.

By default, all events in the below table will be sent to Snap.

Branch Event Name
Snap Event Name



























































The below events can be sent to Snap by registering custom events {target:"_blank"} that exactly match the Branch custom event name below. Snap does not accept other custom events, so they will not be sent to Snap.

Branch custom event name Snap event name

Campaign Data

Branch maps the following data fields from Snap to Branch.

Branch Data Snap Data
~campaign campaign_name
~campaign_id campaign_id
~ad_set_name ad_squad_name
~ad_set_id ad_squad_id
~ad_name ad_name
~ad_id ad_id


Branch metadata Snap Metadata Description
SKU (list of) item_ids International Article Number (EAN) when applicable, or other product or category identifier.
Quantity number_items Number of items.
revenue price Monetary value of the conversion event in float format. Please do not include currency symbols or commas as part of the value. (ex. single value: price=34.24, multiple values: price=99.43,45.34;34.27)
currency_code currency Currency in standard ISO 4217 code (ex. EUR, USD, JPY). Required if price is included.
transactionID transaction_id Transaction ID.
searchQuery search_string The text string that was searched.
custom_data.level level Level in the game.

Cost Data

Branch provides the following cost metrics for this ad partner:

Analytics Tag Description Used for
Cost Total cost (spend) for those dimensions (analytics tags, user data, time range), regardless of cost model Understanding the total amount spent
eCPI cost / installs Normalizing spend per install, to understand the average price of an install across networks or over time
eCPC cost / clicks Normalizing spend per click, to understand the average price of an click across networks or over time
eCPM cost / (impressions / 1000) Normalizing spend per thousand impressions, to understand the average price of 1000 impressions across networks or over time
eCPA cost / purchases [includes web and app purchases] Normalizing spend per purchase, to understand the average price of a purchase across networks or over time
Return On Investment (ROI) (revenue-cost / cost) * 100 Deriving return on investment, to understand the percentage "profit" made on ad spend
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) (revenue / cost) * 100 Deriving return on investment by understanding the percentage revenue multiple for a given unit of spend

Cost Data Translation

All cost data is ingested in local currency and then translated to USD on the dashboard using the exchange rate for that currency on the day the data is stored. In effect, this means the dashboard shows the amount that campaign cost converted to USD at the time it ran.



  • Snap Ads Manager time zones are set at the time your ad account is created. You can see your Snap time zone in your Snap Ad Account Settings, but you cannot change it. You can change your Branch dashboard time zone in Account Settings to match.
  • Verify your Snap attribution windows match your Branch attribution windows. Ask your Snap account manager for your attribution windows. Your Branch windows are visible either in Link Settings (global windows) or in the Attribution Windows section of the Snap entry in Ads Partner Manager. Snap windows can be configured under "Customize Columns" in the Snap UI.

    Snap - Attribution Windows

  • When deep linking, create a link via the Branch dashboard. If you are running an app campaign, please ensure your link has %24deeplink_no_attribution=true as a query parameter to remove that link's ability to claim attribution, otherwise the link may claim attribution over the SAN claim. The link will still deep link.

  • Snap's reporting API does not provide any "compare by" functionality outside of the ads analytics tags. So, you cannot compare Snap click + impression data by platform, OS or country, for example.

Branch Cost data not matching the Ad Partner dashboard

Please ensure that you've selected the same time zone in your Ad Partner's dashboard and your Branch dashboard.

CPI metric doesn't match between Ad Partner and Branch, although cost metric does

Branch's last-click attribution model can lead to differences in install counts for Branch vs self-attributing networks (SANs) that in turn cause differences in CPI metrics. Verify whether your cost and install metrics match the Ad Partner's dashboard. If there is an install discrepancy, it is likely legitimate and due to differences in install counts, where Branch's number is more accurate. If the discrepancy is very large, investigate causes of install discrepancies through the usual troubleshooting steps.

Cost, click and impression data is all missing

Generally, reauthenticating a partner and waiting 24 hours will re-enable cost data.

When you reauthenticate, double check that you have selected the correct accounts. We will only pull cost data for accounts that you select as part of the authentication process.

Cost, click and impression data for SANs are generally sourced from Partner APIs (unless Branch impression pixels or links are being intentionally used for attribution, for example, in web campaigns). When you enable a SAN, you authenticate with your provider. Branch uses this authentication to retrieve click, cost and impression data. If the authentication token expires (for example, if you reset your password, or the partner force resets your token), then you may not see click, impression or cost data. In this case, simply reauthenticate and that will refresh your token.

Cost data is missing or incorrect for certain "compare by" breakdowns

Downstream events, such as installs, should always have the full range of compare by options in the dashboard. However, clicks, impressions and cost data for SAN are often imported via Partner APIs. These APIs do not necessarily provide the same breakdowns for cost data that Branch supports with raw install events, so there may be cases where the Branch Dashboard cannot compare by the same dimensions for cost data vs install data.

Exporting Snap Data

You can see analytics on impressions, clicks, installs, opens and conversion events on various pages of the Branch Dashboard.

We cannot send device-level Snap attribution data to third parties. Thus we cannot send events attributed to Snap via Data Integrations. Please instead consider analyzing this data in-house (using Webhooks, the Daily Export API, or CSV Exports), or using the Branch Dashboard for all of your analytics and attribution needs.

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