Troubleshooting Link Formatting Errors


During testing, you may run into issues with your Branch link not being properly formatted or missing information required for accurate routing and attribution.
Below you will find possible causes for your test link to not work and how to fix the issue.

AAID or IDFA is not correctly formatted


Attribution will not occur because the device ID on the link must be in an acceptable IDFA or AAID format, or removed altogether. A common cause for this error is leaving link macros on the link that have not been filled in.


Please ensure you are using a real device ID. If you are testing, please use a correctly formatted dummy ID. If you don't have a device ID and this link is not server to server, you can remove the device ID macro all together and retest.

S2S & no device ID present


Server to server clicks must-have device IDs for attribution. Point in time modeling is not supported for server to server clicks.


Please use a device ID macro like $idfa or $aaid.

S2S & both $idfa AND $aaid

The error could also be: ($idfa_sha1 AND $aaid_sha1) or ($idfa_md5 AND $aaid_md5)).


Server to server clicks cannot have device IDs for both IDFA and AAID. Because S2S clicks do not have user agents, Branch uses the presence of a device ID to set the operating system.


Remove one of the device ID macros (e.g. $idfa, $aaid, $idfa_sha1, $aaid_md5) that are present on this link so there is only one macro present.