Facebook Install Referrer

A new way for advertisers to get device-level conversion data on Android for Facebook Ads.


The Facebook Install Referrer is a solution based on the Google Play Install Referrer in light of Facebook's AMM Deprecation. This solution is a new way to share granular attribution data on click-through conversions for Android installs with advertisers via the Google Play Store.

Data Limitations

This data will not be available for:

  • Installs on iOS
  • View-through conversions (impressions)
  • Android installs that happen on other app stores (ex. Galaxy Apps, Amazon Appstore, etc.)

How does it work?

  1. User clicks a Facebook Ad
  2. User is directed to the Play Store and installs the advertised app
  3. The Branch SDK initializes and the Google Play Store Install Referrer API is called
    • Encrypted data is passed through the API for decryption
  4. The app install event is reported in Branch's attribution system
    • Timestamp and Install Referrer Data is used to determine the last touch
    • This data is also used for deferred deep linking
  5. If the last touch is Facebook, decrypted campaign metadata is surfaced in Exports & Webhooks

Integration Guide

1. Implement the Branch Android SDK to your mobile app

Please visit our Developers Hub to implement the Branch SDK on Android. If you already have the Android SDK implemented into your mobile app, make sure that it is using 5.0.13+.

2. Obtain your Facebook Decryption Key

In the Facebook App Dashboard under Basic > Settings for your app, scroll down to the Android section. Copy the Install Referrer Decryption Key

3. Input your key in Branch

In the Branch Dashboard under Ads > Partner Management, find/search for Facebook.
Paste the decryption key from Step 2.

If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.

4. View data in Branch Exports or Webhooks

Utilize Branch's Exports or Webhooks to look at granular Facebook-attributed data.
Note: You need a live Facebook Android ad campaign running in order for data to properly flow through Branch.

Example Facebook Install Referrer Export

124bed9c-5c28-43d0-8c7a-1a44ce93db2c23847649446430680App Install AdFacebooka_facebook23847649328040680App Install Ad SetTRUEsamsung23847649328020680App Installs CampaignFacebookpaid advertising


What is the difference between Branch's normal attribution with Facebook and Facebook Install Referrer?

Attribution with Facebook can occur through the Facebook MMP API and through Facebook Install Referrer.

  • Facebook Install Referrer data is only available for installs on Android through the Google Play Store that happens through click-through ad campaigns. Facebook's self-attribution supports both click-through and view-through. Also, Branch will consider Facebook Install Referrer data for the downstream event attribution.
  • For the Facebook MMP API, attribution occurs through a server-to-server connection between Branch and Facebook on installs, opens, reinstalls, and downstream app events. Facebook will then take those events and perform their own self-attribution to claim credit for the conversion. Attributed data is available only via aggregate reports due to Facebook's data-sharing limitation.
  • For Facebook Install Referrer, attribution of installs on Android is controlled through the use of the Google Play Store Install Referrer API to pass encrypted data for attribution. Attributed data is then available in Branch's aggregate reports and in log-level Exports/Webhooks.

Note: Branch will prioritize Install Referrer data over MMP API data for attribution if both are available.

What events are displayed in log-level data reports and when will this become available?

Only log-level data for installs is displayed in Exports/Webhooks once a valid install referrer decryption key is submitted and an install is attributed to Facebook Ads with Install Referrer data.

Note: If an open or re-install comes with install referrer from Facebook, then it will also be available in the log-level data reports.

What can cause discrepancies between Branch and Facebook when Facebook Install Referrer is enabled?

Possible Discrepancy Causes:

  • Facebook Install Referrer is only for installs on Android through the Google Play Store that happens through click-through ad campaigns. Facebook's self-attribution supports both click-through and view-through.
  • Facebook's self-attribution for Android is only available when the device ID (GAID/AAID) is available. Facebook Install Referrer attribution is available when device ID is not available on Android 12+ devices.
  • Facebook's self-attribution supports cross-device claims while Facebook Install Referrer only supports attribution on a single device.
  • Timestamps can also cause discrepancies. Facebook uses the timestamp received from the MMP API. Branch uses the timestamp of the Google Play Store Install Referrer API.