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Cost Data Reporting & Analytics


The Branch Dashboard will be your primary hub for viewing cost data across all of your integrated ad partners. You will be able to make better ad-optimized decisions quicker without having to navigate to each partner dashboard to measure cost.

What does it look like?

Once cost data is flowing through Branch from the ad network(s), you can view cost through the Universal Ads Analytics.

Unpopulated Values

You may see specific columns/dimensions displayed as Unpopulated in your Dashboard reports. This is due to limitations from the ad partner and what dimensions they can send for the Cost Data. This varies by ad partner and dimension.

For example, if we are reporting on cost and comparing by country, the following information will be displayed:

In this case, when drilling down to the country level, the cost cannot be broken down, so Branch displays country on a different row.

Cost Availability

When looking at Dashboard Reports and Exports, Branch applies certain rules/formats that determine availability for cost:

Cost RuleThis is a rule that is applied across all of Branch for a combination of Partners and Campaign IDs that if there are no Branch tracked clicks, installs, reinstalls, opens, web session start, or SKAdNetwork downloads then Cost isn't shown.
Cost ReportingTo analyze Cost you can use the following pages in the Branch Dashboard: Summary, Unified Analytics, Universal Ads Analytics, and Cohorts. Or the following APIs: Query API and Cohort Exports API.