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New Meta/Facebook Content Provider Install Referrer Support

We're bringing you a new level of support for Meta/Facebook's Install Referrer. Find out more in this update :arrow-lower-right:


Cost Data Integration for Non-SANs Beta

Branch is bringing in new integrations with ad networks to pull in cost data directly to the Dashboards to help you make ad optimization decisions :bar-chart:


Cross-Events Export API

Branch's new Cross-Events Export API is a powerful tool for querying and comparing large pools of data across multiple sources.


Scheduled Log Exports: GCP Storage Expansion

Branch is adding GCP as a cloud service provider you can select when deciding where to send your Scheduled Log Exports API data. 🌩️


Enhanced Ad Engagement Type Metrics

We've added more engagement metrics support for a couple of partners! Get the details here :dart:


Improved SSO Enablement

We have improved the process for enabling Single Sign On (SSO) for your Branch app. Find out more here :thumbsup:


Improved Self-Service Invoice Processing

We've updated our internal process for generating monthly billing reports :bar-chart:


Help Center Redesign

The Help Center received a fresh coat of paint! The redesign brings along many improvements to the user experience of the documentation :art:


Google Ads SKAdNetwork 4 Support

Google App Install Campaigns now support SKAdNetwork v4.0! Find out more in this update :large-blue-diamond:


Organic Categorization for Page View Fixed

The organic checkbox for Page View is now fixed :wrench: