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What is Branch?

What is Branch?

If you care about driving app growth and adoption, improving user experiences, or optimizing performance across paid and organic campaigns, you’re in the right place.

Branch handles all the complexity to make sure your links always route your users to the right place. From deep linked re-engagement ads to web and email campaigns that seamlessly continue the journey (even through the app install process), Branch helps you drive and measure engagement and performance from all of your marketing channels. Our platform works together with your marketing tech stack, offering flexible data export products and out of the box integrations with leading ad networks, ESPs, and analytics tools.

This portal is a resource where you can learn more about implementing Branch solutions and executing use cases. We are so excited to see you supercharge your mobile growth!

What Next?

We have 3 categories of documentation available to you to self-serve:

  • You are here! → User Guides - Learn how to set-up and manage your account, use and implement our products, and analyze your data.

  • Developer Docs - Learn how to implement our SDKs and use our APIs.

  • Partners - Find specific information around integration testing and best practices. If you're not already registered as a Branch Integrated Partner and wish to become one, you can find more information here.