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Branch links can be used together with Google Marketing Platform app conversion ads, allowing you to track ad-driven app conversion (installs and in-app events) on the Branch dashboard.


Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform covers app-to-app attribution on the following properties (web-to-app is not yet supported by the API): Display & Video 360 (Formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager) and Campaign Manager (Formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager).

Please make sure to use Google Marketing Platform in your Branch dashboard and not Doubleclick which is the legacy integration and does not include server-side attribution responses.


Where possible, we recommend enabling both GMP & the ad network that the campaign is being run on for complete coverage, so data appears in Branch, the ad partner, and GMP.

By connecting your Google Marketing Platform and Branch accounts, the following is enabled:

  • App conversion data collected by the Branch SDK sent to Google Marketing Platform for attribution.
  • Read-only access to app conversion data (not cost/click/impression data) from Google Marketing Platform Ads in your Branch account.


Working with Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads

Please keep the following in mind when working with both Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads:

If your Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads accounts are not linked:

  • Branch may receive two separate claims; i.e. receive two competing clicks between Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads.




  • To track conversions from Google Marketing Platform Ads you should integrate the Branch SDK into your app, and/or if you are using S2S, ensure that advertising ID's are being passed to Branch.
  • You must request whitelisting from your Google rep for the new 'App Analytics' section of Floodlight Configuration in order to generate link ID's for this integration"

Configure Branch as App Analytics Partner in Google Marketing Platform


Required Before Enabling Integration in Branch

After your Google representative has confirmed whitelisting, use the guide provided by their team to configure Branch as an App Analytics Partner and generate a link ID for the iOS and Android versions of your app.

Enable Google Marketing Platform in Branch


Sending App Conversions

Completing this section will result in Branch sending app conversion to Google in order to attribute them back to Google Marketing Platform campaigns.

  1. Navigate to the Partner Management tab and search for Google Marketing Platform.

  2. Provide the Link IDs for your Android/iOS apps respectively.

  3. Click Save and Enable.

Creating a Google Marketing Platform Ads Campaign

Please follow Google's documentation on how to set up a Campaign.


Connecting Multiple Accounts

All SANs - including Google Marketing Platform - accept multiple accounts. However, only a single Branch user can authenticate the integration. This means that the single user must have access to all of the accounts you wish to connect.


Agency-Managed Campaigns

Using Branch Links

Deep linking will ultimately be dependent on the ad partner that you are running the campaign on. You may create an ad link associated to GMP but it is highly suggested that you create the ad link using the ad network whenever possible.

Because GMP is a self attributing network, the link should be used for deep linking and not for attribution. To ensure this, add $deeplink_no_attribution=true as a query parameter to the ad link you have created.

Data Mapping between Google Marketing Platform & Branch

Branch maps the following data fields from the Google Marketing Platform to Branch.

Google Marketing PlatformBranch DataPossible Values
n/a~advertising_partner_name“Google Marketing Platform”
product_type~channelThis field reports the product that is responsible for the conversions, either “DBM” or “DCM”.
creative_id~creative_idThe numeric ID of the creative ad unit that produced the ad event. This value is guaranteed unique. When product is DBM, this field represents the DBM Creative ID. When product is DCM, this field represents the DCM Creative ID.
placement_id~secondary_publisherThe ID of the placement tag that calls an ad server for ad content when users visit a site. DCM serves ads when users visit a site with DCM placement tags. DCM generates a unique tag for each placement in an ad campaign. This value is only provided when product is DCM.
placement_name~placementThe name of the placement tag that calls an ad server for ad content when users visit a site. DCM serves ads when users visit a site with DCM placement tags. DCM generates a unique tag for each placement in an ad campaign. This value is only provided when product is DCM.
line_item_id~ad_idLine items in DBM can be used for targeting, bidding and assigning creatives. This is the ID of the line item that produced the ad event. This value is guaranteed unique within the DBM universe. This value is only provided when product is DBM
line_item_name~ad_nameName of the line items in DBM that produced the ad event. This value is only provided when product is DBM.

Forwarding Events to Google Marketing Platform

Once you begin tracking events through the Branch SDK, we will start sending them to the Google Marketing Platform.

Branch will forward in-app events to the Google Marketing Platform for campaign optimization. In addition, Branch will receive attribution data for rich analysis in the Branch dashboard.


Sending Custom Events

GMP only supports one custom event. If you want to send multiple custom events to GMP, you can certainly do so. However, they will all be grouped together as “Custom” in your GMP reporting.

Branch Event NameGoogle Marketing Platform Conversion Type

In order to track these events, please refer to the v2 Event document for further information.

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Google Marketing Platform

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