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Ads Attribution

Track ad conversions across every device and platform to understand true campaign ROI using Branch Universal Ads.


Universal Ads Required

Universal Ads is a Branch Premium product. Please reach out to your account manager or to activate.


Branch gives you the power to connect touchpoints from every channel with conversions on any platform. User journeys happen across channels. To get accurate attribution, you need to measure all of them. Fortunately, Branch has been powering flawless cross-channel user experiences for years, which means our links have a proven track record of working everywhere.

Using Branch Universal Ads, you gain unique, cross-platform insights into the data you need to get ahead.

Ads Attribution Use Cases

  • Connect with every ad network for running app campaigns through pre-configured integrations.
  • Measure app install and re-engagement campaigns for both clicks and views/impressions
  • Track down-funnel events with real-time postbacks.
  • Long-term trends, broken down by platform, ad set name, channel, and more.
  • Acquisition and re-engagement cohorting, including cost data ingestion.
  • Fraud detection and insights

How does it work?

  1. Branch connects with your ad networks for running app campaigns.
  2. User sees an ad to download app.
  3. User installs the app and converts.
  4. Branch communicates with the ad networks to determine which ad network will receive credit for the install/conversion.
  5. The Branch Dashboard will update reports for you to be able to compare and measure ad campaigns across platforms, ad set name, ad partner, etc.

Integration Guide

Self-Attributing Networks

Non-Self-Attributing Networks

Please view this guide on integrating Branch with Non-Self-Attributing Networks.