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Snap Advanced Conversions

Enable Snap Advanced Conversions for a privacy-centric approach to digital advertising.


Advanced Conversions is Snap’s privacy-centric approach to digital advertising. It helps marketers meet their business objectives while respecting users’ ad tracking preferences via Apple’s ATT policy. This methodology employs a range of cryptographic techniques to measure aggregate conversion data, without tying off-platform activities (like installing an app or visiting a website) back to specific Snapchatters.

Advanced Conversions reporting is compatible for web and offline events via the Snap Pixel and Conversions API through integration with Branch through a Dashboard toggle.

Note: Snap Advanced Conversions is DISABLED by default; thus, Branch will only send iOS user data to Snap for those who have opted-in to ATT. Follow our guide on Enabling Snap Advanced Conversions to turn on.

Enabling Snap Advanced Conversions

1. Navigate to Snap in the Branch Dashboard

In the Branch Dashboard under Ads > Partner Management, find/search for Snap. If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.

2. Enable Snap Advanced Conversions

Under the Events Config tab, toggle on the Enable Snap Advance Conversions checkbox. Click the Save button.

(Optional) Pass Hashed Data


Developer Required

In order to better help optimize ads and build improved re-marketing audiences, you can optionally send hashed PII (i.e. phone numbers or email addresses to model conversion events for Snap Advanced Matching. Call the Branch SDK method to set the hashed PII.

Hashed PII Requirements: Lowercase SHA-256

//Set this before Branch SDK initialization
Branch.getInstance().addSnapPartnerParameter(withName: "hashed_email_address", value: "11234e56af071e9c79927651156bd7a10bca8ac34672aba121056e2698ee7088")
Branch.getInstance().addSnapPartnerParameter(withName: "hashed_phone_number", value: "534a4a8eafcd8489af32356d5a7a25f88c70cfe0448539a7c42964c1b897a359")
//Set this before Branch SDK initialization
Branch *branch = [Branch getInstance];
branch addSnapPartnerParameterWithName:@"hashed_email_address" value:@"11234e56af071e9c79927651156bd7a10bca8ac34672aba121056e2698ee7088"];
branch addSnapPartnerParameterWithName:@"hashed_phone_number" value:@"534a4a8eafcd8489af32356d5a7a25f88c70cfe0448539a7c42964c1b897a359"];
//Set this before Branch SDK initialization
Branch branch = Branch.getAutoInstance(getApplicationContext());
branch.addSnapPartnerParameterWithName("hashed_email_address", "11234e56af071e9c79927651156bd7a10bca8ac34672aba121056e2698ee7088");
branch.addSnapPartnerParameterWithName("hashed_phone_number", "534a4a8eafcd8489af32356d5a7a25f88c70cfe0448539a7c42964c1b897a359");
//Set this before Branch SDK initialization
Branch branch = Branch.getAutoInstance(getApplicationContext())
branch.addSnapPartnerParameterWithName("hashed_email_address", "11234e56af071e9c79927651156bd7a10bca8ac34672aba121056e2698ee7088")
branch.addSnapPartnerParameterWithName("hashed_phone_number", "534a4a8eafcd8489af32356d5a7a25f88c70cfe0448539a7c42964c1b897a359")

Once set, the parameters will be attached to all installs, opens, and events until cleared or when the app restarts.

Seeing the data in Snap

Due to privacy constraints, the data will appear in Snap's dashboard after the conversion volume crosses a threshold on Snap's side. After turning this on, your Snap support team can help advise on when to expect the data to appear in their dashboard.