SKAdNetwork Data


FieldTypeDescriptionFrom Apple Postback?Example
idvarcharSKadNetwork Message ID, unique ID created by Branch for every postback received.Noe92eb789-2e93-4ada-91d4-b758a900cb2e
body_transaction_idvarcharA unique value for this validation; use for deduplicating install [and probably conversion] validation messages. This is part of the postback from Apple.Yes38b64295-0875-4d2e-868a-3969e2fc8e1e
body_versionvarcharThe version of the SKAdNetwork API being used by the publisher app.Yes2.0
body_ad_network_idvarcharID of the attributed ad network on the postback. This ID is assigned by Apple when an ad network registers for SKAdNetwork.Yes424m5254lk.skadnetwork
body_campaign_idintegerCampaign ID which will be a number from 1-100.Yes47
body_app_idbigintThe advertiser app ID - App Store ID.Yes1350133141
body_attribution_signaturevarcharApple’s attribution signature in install/conversion postbacks, that is used to verify the validity of the postback.YesMDUCGQCnCec/xnWxrPUdBClMsLNTDtnZ7VvgHgICGBvFi//gZc2Dgf60HmoMzBy0ELXyTs9cug==
body_redownloadbooleanIf false, the postback represents an install If true, the postack represents a reinstall.Yesfalse
body_source_app_idbigintThe publisher app ID - App Store ID. This may be not included by Apple if number of postbacks do not reach a certain threshold.Yes447188370
body_conversion_valueintegerConversion value (0-63) on the postback, which represents a post-install action. The highest conversion value that the end user performed in during the timer will be reflected. This may be not included by Apple if number of postbacks do not reach a certain threshold.Yes15
body_fidelity_typeintegerIf 1, this represents a Store-Kit rendered ad (App Store product page, rendered by Store Kit) If 0, this represents a "View-Through" ad (Custom, provided by ad network).Yes1
body_did_winbooleanIf it is true, that will signify that the partner won the claim.Yestrue
body_postback_sequence_indexintegerVersion 4 and later. Enables marketers to easily distinguish between postbacks 1, 2, and 3. The possible integer values of 0, 1, and 2 signify the order of postbacks that result from the three conversion windows. For more information, see Receiving postbacks in multiple conversion windows.Yes1
body_source_identifierstringThe hierarchical source identifier, with 2 or 4 digits (depending on the postback value).Yes12
body_coarse_conversion_valuestringA coarse value, if the app provides one.Yeslow
body_source_domainFor attributable web ads.Ad set name - Optional field supplied by some ad partners.NoIOS14-Install-Male(18+)
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_ad_set_idvarcharAd set ID - Optional field supplied by some ad partners.Nobd7ffd1c-53de-498d-981c-57912fc6de91
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_campaign_idvarcharCampaign ID (non-Apple ID) - Optional field supplied by some ad partners.No64d02bc0-f4d4-41ff-a93e-1e20f8d7f345
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_campaignvarcharCampaign Name - Optional field supplied by some ad partners.NoIOS14_Campaign_Male&Female(18-30)_Fantou
invalid_reasonvarcharReason Branch marks postback from ad network invalid. Only available for skadnetwork-invalid-messages.NoINVALID_SIGNATURE
timestampbigintTimestamp representing when Branch received the postback from the ad network.No1620415056299
annotation_dollar_3pvarcharBranch 3p value of the ad network that sent the postback.Noa_tiktok_ads
annotation_conversion_value_mapped_valuevarcharMapped value of the conversion value received (as set in the Branch Dashboard).NoCOMPLETE_REGISTRATION
annotation_customer_event_aliasvarcharMapped value of the customer event aliasNoPurchase1
annotation_revenue_lowervarcharMapped value of the lower revenue value received.No5.0
annotation_revenue_uppervarcharMapped value of the upper revenue value received.No20.5
app_idbigintBranch App ID.No638469555697504342
organization_idbigintBranch Organization ID.No862418696042206147

Postback Data Tiers

Tier 0

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Postback 1

  • source-identifier
  • source-identifier
  • coarse-conversion-value
  • source-identifier
  • conversion-value
  • source-identifier
  • conversion-value
  • source-app-id or source-domain

Postback 2 + 3


  • source-identifier
  • coarse-conversion-value
  • source-identifier
  • coarse-conversion-value
  • source-identifier
  • coarse-conversion-value