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MAU Usage

View your monthly active users (MAUs) usage in the Branch Dashboard


MAU Usage

MAU Analytics is available for Branch Self-Serve Platform customers. Please view our Billing Overview guide for details on access.


Branch calculates your monthly active users or MAUs count which can be useful for determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns for your app. MAU is the number of unique individuals that interact with your web or app properties on a monthly basis, and you can now see your MAU usage all inside the Branch Dashboard.

MAU Usage reports allow you to measure utilization for the current month so that you do not go over your allowed limits and view trends.

Viewing MAU Usage

Go to the Usage Tab in the Account Settings screen.

Current Month MAUs

MAU Usage gives you a quick view of your month-to-date usage and progress toward your permitted usage limit. If you go over the permitted usage limit, you will be directed to Chat with Sales.

Monthly Active Users Over Time

You will also be able to see a 12-month historical view of your app's MAU. Use this to measure any trends, correlate with any launched campaigns, and more!

Chart Features

The chart can has the following features:

  • Filter by All MAU
  • Filter by Moible App Only
  • Export as PNG, XLS, SVG, or CSV