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Email to App

Increase results with a seamless bridge from email to app using Branch Universal Email.


Universal Email Required

Universal Email is a Branch Premium product. Please reach out to your account manager or to activate.


Email is a special channel for marketing teams to re-engage customers to come back to the brand and learn more about new things. This can range from promotional/marketing email campaigns or transactional emails. It is important to be able to provide loyal customers with delightful user experiences. Users with the app installed expect their app to open when clicking on links in email (where appropriate). Branch's Universal Email product solves the problems that come with deep linking from email to app.

Universal Email Use Cases

  • Deep Linking users to product pages in your app from marketing/promotional emails.
  • Drive app installs through email campaigns.
  • App re-engagement through deep links for transactional emails.

How does it work?

  1. Branch connects with your email service provider for running email campaigns to use Branch Links.
  2. User clicks a link from an email.
  3. If user has the app installed: the app opens and routes to relevant content.
  4. If user doesn't have the app installed:
    a. Route user to App/Play store to download the app and routes to relevent content on app open.
    b. Route user to mobile web relevent content

Integration Guide

The integration changes depending on which email service provider you are using. Please follow the Universal Email Integration Guide for your specific email service provider.