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The Recent Activity page allows you to view changes made in your Branch account within the last 90 days and provides the following benefits:

  1. Accountability - Have logs of their/other users’ actions
  2. History - See edit history for all Products, Configuration, etc; based on your account timezone.
  3. Accessibility - Available to users with Read access to Sensitive Data and also Admins.

Supported Features

  • Ads
    • Partner Management
      • Partner Enabled/Disabled
      • Partner Settings
      • Postbacks - Edit, enable/disable, delete
      • Attribution Windows
    • Links
    • SKAdNetwork
      • Created/Updated/Deleted Conversion Value
  • Journeys
    • Created
    • Edited
    • Changes in Status (Active, Stopped, Archived)
    • Changes in Priority
    • Changes in Schedule
  • Email
    • Partner Enabled/Disabled
  • Data Feeds
    • Data Integrations
      • Partner Enabled/Disabled
    • Webhooks
      • Webhook Enabled/Deleted/Archived
    • Settings
  • Quick Links
    • New Quick Link created
    • Existing Link edited
    • Existing Link deleted
    • Existing Link archived
  • Configuration
    • General URI Scheme Mode
    • Link Settings
  • Account Settings

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Recent Activity

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