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Branch Slack App

Create Branch Links with the Branch Slack App.


The Branch Slack App allows you to quickly and easily generate Branch Links all within your Slack workspace. As with all Branch Links created, you'll have the power to deep link users to your mobile app while gaining valuable measurement on your link performance through the Branch Dashboard.


In order to start using the Branch Slack App, you need to have the following:

  1. Created a Branch Dashboard
  2. Created a Slack workspace

Creating Links via Branch Slack App

1. Add the Branch to your Slack Workspace

Firstly, you'll need to add Branch to your Slack workspace by going to

2. Configure the Slack App with your Branch Credentials

Once the Branch Slack App has been added to your workspace, you'll need to add the Branch Key obtained from the prerequisites step from earlier.

3. Create your Link

Now that the Branch Slack App has been configured, you can now create links using the /link command. Here you'll be able to set specific configurations for your Branch Link like Analytics Tags and Deeplink Data. For additional details on these configurations, view our guide here.


Pro Tip

To make the creation faster, you can supply the /link command with the following arguments:

  • url: The original web URL for your Branch Link. In cases where there isn't a mobile app page for your link, the users' web browsers will open to this link.
  • alias: Also known as a link slug, an alias will help your link be more readable and easy to find later on. If this is left blank, Branch will generate a unique link hash for you.

The Branch Slack App will then output your Branch Link for you to send out!

4. (Optional) Debug your Link

If you would like to debug your Branch Link, you can utilize Branch's Link Debugger. You can quickly access this by adding ?debug=1 at the end of your Branch Link. Here you can also edit your link.