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Over-the-Top Platforms


Branch supports deep linking and attribution on all major OTT platforms. This includes Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Android TV, gaming consoles, and more. The major use cases we support:

  • App-to-app linking, including deferred deep linking: encourage users of one app to install and go straight to content in a second app.
  • Preinstall tracking: track installs coming from your software bundled with partner devices.
  • Ad attribution: whether you're running ads with platforms like Roku or Fire TV, or you're advertising for your app within other apps, we can help you measure your results.

Platforms supported

Our server-to-server docs for tracking installs, sessions and conversion events on all of these platforms can be found here.

We support tracking installs, sessions and conversion events on the following platforms via server-to-server calls or SDKs:

Branch can quickly add server-to-server support for any platform not listed here. We can also discuss creating an open-source SDK for additional platforms as needed.

Deep Linking

Every platform does deep linking a little differently. Let's talk through your use case to ensure that the OTT operating system supports your use case.


Roku's External Control Protocol allows for installing and deep linking into the app from other apps and even from other devices on the local network. We give examples of deep linking in our SDK docs here.

If you use the Branch Roku SDK, Branch will automatically pick up all query parameters on links that open the app! We will automatically provide attribution on the backend as well.

For deferred deep linking, be sure to provide a callback as specified in our Roku SDK docs.

Amazon Fire TV

Branch links work on Fire TV. Be sure to configure Fire Redirects on the Branch Dashboard → Configure → "Advanced Mobile Redirects".

Apple TV

Branch links can be utilized on Apple TV, though the lack of a browser on Apple TV means that this differs from iOS. We have provided a code snippet showing how App 1 can safely attempt to open App 2, with a fallback that support deferred deep linking in the case where App 2 is not installed. View it here.

Other platforms

For all other platforms, Branch has a server-to-server integration that supports deferred deep linking. You will want to trigger an impression or click and include the device's advertising ID as a query parameter.

For example:$idfa=10000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001

Then after you make a request to track a session using (see our server-to-server docs), you will receive the deep link payload back in the response.

Preinstall Tracking

Preinstall tracking is available on all platforms via our server-to-server API calls. We allow you to set preinstall_campaign and preinstall_partner values.

The Roku SDK makes this very easy, as documented here.

Ad Attribution

Attribution for OTT ads can seem complicated! Every platform does things a bit differently. In addition to the ads inserted when users are streaming, many platforms offer placements on the OTT device home screens or screensavers. In some cases, users can be deep linked from an ad straight to content. In other cases, there is no button for a user to engage with, so view-through attribution is your only option.

However, at the end of the day, the fundamentals of performance marketing remain: impressions and clicks, installs and conversion events. Installs and conversion events are attributed back to ad impressions and clicks.

Branch makes it easy to track installs and conversion events. We have up to 3 options:

  1. Server-to-server support
  2. Integrations with DMPs such as mParticle and Segment
  3. SDKs, for select platforms (see above)

That leaves impressions and clicks.

For ads run inside of publisher apps where users are streaming content, you will need to work with your Ad Network and Branch to connect the dots.

For ads run on platforms such as Roku and Fire TV, Branch has pre-built integrations you can leverage.

Whether you want attribution from publisher-placed ads or platform-placed ads, reach out to your Account Manager at Branch to get the conversation started.