Will adding custom parameter ~customer_ad_set_name or ~customer_ad_name to the Branch Ad Link result in including the ad group name in Branch Dashboard?

For data coming through our SAN connector, this is a limitation based on what Google provides--you can find the full mapping here, but Branch only showing ‘ad set id’ is due to Google only providing the ‘ad set id’ to us for this value. For this SAN-based data, there’s no way to tweak what reporting labels are being used.

However, for any activity that is coming through Branch links instead of using the SAN connector (as some search traffic maybe), you can also opt to use ‘~ad_set_name’ rather than a ‘~customer_x value’. If ‘~ad_set_name’ is not already in use by your team, there would be no conflict presented from this solution, and it would keep your data values more closely paired with the ~ad_set_id value Branch is already getting.

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