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Track reinstalls and opens with Facebook


Event De-duplication

Facebook does not de-duplicate custom app events on their backend. So if you have the Facebook SDK integrated or another MMP tracking app opens, choose option 1 below.

When tracking reinstalls and opens, you have 3 options:

  1. use Branch name (branch_open): This allows us to get attribution data from Facebook, but without it counting as an app open. Use this option if you have the Facebook SDK integrated or are testing with another MMP. Since the Facebook SDK or other MMP is already sending fb_mobile_activate_app, you do not want Branch to send this a second time. (Default)
  2. use Facebook name (fb_mobile_activate_app): Branch will send the exact event used by Facebook for tracking app opens. Use this option if you do not have the Facebook SDK and you are not tracking opens with another MMP, and you would like Branch to help Facebook record opens.
  3. disable: Use this option if you do not want Branch attributing opens at all. In some cases, we may still be able to attribute opens based on previously retrieved attribution data from Facebook. But we will not send any opens to Facebook in order to get attribution data back.