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Migrating from the existing Facebook integration to MMP



You can no longer see the previous Facebook onboarding flow that required you to copy-paste your Facebook app secret. Please use the Authenticate with Facebook option instead.

If you have been using our integration with Facebook prior to February 14, 2018, then we highly recommend that you upgrade to our new integration that includes MMP.

We are now certified by Facebook as a Mobile Measurement Partner! Branch can now help you attribute installs, opens, and conversion events to Facebook like never before.

This integration includes full support for Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. We also automatically pull in impressions and clicks from Facebook and surface those alongside your clicks on Branch links. The deep linking experience your users love is still supported.

Instructions on how to get set up with Facebook MMP are here. Note that this will replace your existing credentials on our backend. Instead of copy-pasting your Facebook app secret into the Branch Dashboard, you can now simply click through the normal Facebook login flow.

Branch will now automatically surface Facebook campaign, ad set, and ad information on the Branch Dashboard's visualizations! This isn't limited to Ads Analytics -- it also includes cross-channel analytics such as Source Analytics.