Branch Links are always taking me to the Google Play Store on Android 12

With the introduction of Android 12, Google has implemented some new updates to how Android App Links function and how they are properly verified. One update we have observed, but are unable to find official Google documentation, is the lack of auto-verification and support for Application ID Suffixes.

Application ID suffix is something for Android to allow apps to differentiate builds with different app IDs.
For example:
Production Build: io.branch
QA Build:
Staging Build: io.branch.staging

Please check your {domain} or {domain} file to ensure the proper packages are declared. We have observed that all packages, including their Application ID Suffices, need to be explicitly declared on the Digital Asset Links files that Branch hosts on your Branch Links (

We strongly recommend utilizing Androids App Link Verification Instructions to identify and confirm the root cause.

If you are noticing Branch Links not working on Android 12 devices with your app targeting API 31+, please contact your Branch Account team or Submit a Ticket.

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