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The "Has the app" installed filter is not working in test mode

The filter 'Has the app install = true' helps show the Journeys banner to only the user who already has the app installed.

In order to determine whether a user has the app installed, we use a flag called 'has_app'. When the value of this flag is true, the above filter will show the Journeys banner to the user and will deep link into the app.

However, in order for this to work correctly, you need to be using the same Branch Keys in both your web page and your mobile application.

If you are using a test key in a staging environment, then the app installed in your device should also be using the same key as well.

Further, in test mode, we do not store real device identifiers in our database; due to this, the value of the 'has_app' flag is not set correctly in test mode.

Therefore, in order to properly test the functioning of this filter, we recommend creating a Journeys banner on your live account.