Sources of Discrepancies between Facebook and Branch

When using Branch as your Facebook MMP, you may notice some data discrepancies between the Branch dashboard and the Facebook dashboard if not configured correctly. We have highlighted several sources of discrepancies if they are present after you have onboarded with Facebook on the Branch dashboard.

There are many reasons why you may see different numbers on Facebook and Branch. Please note that we have one system for tracking impressions and clicks (via the Facebook Insights API) and a different system for tracking installs, reinstalls, opens and conversion events (via a private Facebook API). When trying to figure out differences, it's best to pick one event at a time (e.g. clicks or installs) and focus on causes of discrepancies there.

The first two sections below covers common causes of discrepancies: attribution windows and timezones. The following sections then provide more steps on diagnosing and troubleshooting specific problems.

Other common issues