Android App Not Opening Troubleshooting Guide

The opening of the Android App is configured via the following 3 components:

  1. Branch link
  2. App's Android Manifest file
  3. App Link settings on Dashboard->Link settings->Android redirects

Step 1: Follow the Android SDK Guide

Make sure you have followed our documentation to set up the Android SDK. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

  1. Fill out the Android App's package name and URL on the Dashboard -> Link Settings -> Android Redirects.
  2. Add Branch link in the Intent-Filter of the Launcher Activity.
  3. You can copy the exact same code and replace the xxxx with your Branch link domain. If you do not what your domain is, please refer to Step 2.

Step 2: Branch Key Verification

Are you testing with a link created with the same Branch key as the one listed on your dashboard?
If you are, you should test with links created on the test dashboard and vice versa. If you are initializing Branch with the live key, you should test links created in the live dashboard. By default, live links will have the subdomain, whereas test links will have the subdomain. If you registered a custom domain, please make sure to test with links that have the custom domain.

Step 3: Setup Verification

Make sure that:

  1. The package name on the Manifest file matches exactly with what is configured on the Configuration -> General page.
  2. There is an Activity with an intent filter having the scheme exactly the as configured in the URI scheme section on Dashboard -> Configuration -> General -> Android -> URI Scheme. This usually is your app's splash activity.
  3. The URI scheme host in the Manifest file matches the Branch link. We recommend "host=open", but if you have $deeplink_path with something other than "open," the link will fail to open the app.

Step 4: Platform Behavior Verification

Clicking the Branch link from different apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can produce different redirection behaviors. Please make sure you go through the expected behaviors of the various known platforms as mentioned in our documentation.

Step 5: Advanced Branch Link Verification

These verifications may vary for different link behaviors and are only for advanced use-cases.

If you are using the $android_deeplink_path Branch link property, instead of using the custom key-value Branch link property, you would need to make sure you have set the URI scheme path in the Manifest file to handle that incoming URI scheme. Branch will append the value in $android_deeplink_path to your app's URI scheme so ensure that there is a corresponding intent filter.