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How do I set up impression tracking?

By enabling impression-based attribution, especially with our programmatic partners, we can increase the volume of positive install signals being fed into the platform, which in turn enables more rapid machine learning and optimization

For SAN partners, most already claim based on view-through activity; you would just need to make sure that these partners’ impression attribution windows are non-zero, as if they’re zeroed out we will not respect these impression-based claims.

For non-SAN partners, the attribution window aspect applies to them as well, but in addition, you’ll need to either supply the partner with an impression link or use this in the appropriate field when setting up campaigns on their dashboard. When you create a Branch Ad Link in the Branch Dashboard, you’ll get the corresponding impression link along with it on the confirmation page (starting with the domain “”).

Beyond double-checking partners’ attribution windows and supplying your dedicated Branch Team in non-SAN cases, there’s no additional setup required here.