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Clicking on an Ad Link with macros/parameters (like {campaign}) redirects to a Branch error page

Macros like {{campaign}} are seen on Ad Links. When these ad links are added as click trackers in the actual ad by the ad network they are filled in by the actual value by the Ad Network itself. Clicking on these Ad Links with macros will not work since certain browsers do not accept brackets {{--}}. You can replace the macro with a test value and click on the link.

Test Ad Link:[AAID]&~campaign=[CAMPAIGN_NAME]&~campaign_id=[CAMPAIGN_ID]&~click_id=[ClickID]&~secondary_publisher=[SITE_NAME]

Notice the macro looks a little different here, it depends on the Ad Network on what type of macros they support. But the above link can be converted to the following for testing purposes:

Clicking on the above link will not throw the error.

Moreover, certain macros on the Ad Link may result in different behavior depending on the value being used to test. When troubleshooting your Ad Link, sure that you are using valid test values for each macro. Macros in particular that are prone to causing errors due to format are IDs like aaid, idfa, etc..