Branch links in Snapchat Stories iOS

  • Snap won't let you attach redirecting links to stories. The following work around disables the redirects until you get the link attached, and then re-enables them after you create your story.
    1. Create your Quick Link to be attached to your Snap story
    2. On the Configure Options section, do the following:
      • Add the key $always_deeplink, and the value of false in the Deep Linking tab
      • Enable a Deepview on the iOS platform in the Redirects tab
    3. Attach this link to your Snap story
    4. Come back and edit the Quick Link to:
      • Delete the $always_deeplink key/value from the Deep Linking tab
      • Remove the Deepview on iOS in the Redirects tab

Updated about a year ago

Branch links in Snapchat Stories iOS

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