Is there a way to preserve or discard referring link data?

By default, when users arrive on a page running Journeys via a Branch link and make_new_link is not set to true, then any interaction with the Journey (click/install/re-open) will be attributed to the referring Branch link, rather than to the Journey. If make_new_link is set to true, the same events will be attributed to the Journey, instead.

This can help you collect data on how the referring links are contributing to app growth/engagement, even when users aren’t installing from those links directly. For example, if a user clicked a Branch link on Facebook, landed on your website, and installed from a Journey, this would allow you to attribute the install to the link on Facebook. If the original link was also configured to deep link into your app, that deep link would be preserved, too.

Branch will pass the referring link into Journeys by default. In order to discard referring link data, include the make_new_link flag, with a value of true, into the options during initialization:

branch.init( 'BRANCH_KEY',
        'make_new_link' : true