Track other conversion events with Facebook


Custom Event De-duplication

Facebook does not de-duplicate custom app events on their backend. If you are tracking conversion events with the Facebook SDK or another MMP, choose option 1 below.

It's possible to track app events using only Branch! You can track the events with Branch once, and then we send them to Facebook as well as other analytics systems. Use the v2/event logging methods outlined here.

When tracking add to cart, purchase, and other Facebook app events, you have 3 options:

  1. use Branch name: This allows us to get attribution data from Facebook, but without it counting as a purchase, add to cart, etc. Use this option if you have the Facebook SDK integrated or are testing with another MMP, and you already track app events via one of those two methods. Since the Facebook SDK or other MMP is already sending events to Facebook, you do not want Branch to send these a second time. (Default)
  2. use Facebook name: Branch will send the exact event used by Facebook for tracking app events. Use this option if you are not already tracking app events with the Facebook SDK or another MMP, and you would like Branch to help Facebook record these events.
  3. disable: Use this option if you do not want Branch attributing these conversion events. In some cases, we may still be able to attribute these conversion events based on previously retrieved attribution data from Facebook. But we will not send any conversion events to Facebook in order to get attribution data back.