Dispatch: Facebook iOS 14 Update

January 27, 2021 | Updates & Announcements


In January, Facebook provided an updated response on how they’ll be handling IDFA and attribution when Apple enforces the ATT framework in an upcoming iOS 14 release. Facebook’s guidance for app advertiser’s can be found here and for web advertiser’s can be found here.

Branch customers running Mobile App Install (MAI) and App Event Optimization (AEO) campaigns on Facebook will need to update their Branch SDK (this was already required for SKAdNetwork compatibility) and Facebook SDK (if used). Advertisers will also need to take some Facebook-specific actions listed below, including setting up a new Facebook ad account for iOS 14.

Our current understanding is that Facebook's web attribution changes will not affect Branch or the use of Branch links in web campaign types, but we are working with Facebook to understand the full impact of these changes.

Facebook is planning on making SKAN data available via the Ad Insights API soon. Before then, MMPs will not have visibility into this data for our mutual advertisers.

Additional details can be found here.