How can we add more macros to Ad Links?

The macros added on the Ad Links are a way for the Ad Network to forward the data to Branch. Branch can add any macro to the ad link if the Ad Network can support filling in of those macros.

If the link today looks like:[AAID]&~campaign=[CAMPAIGN_NAME]&~campaign_id=[CAMPAIGN_ID]&~click_id=[ClickID]&~secondary_publisher=[SITE_NAME]

And, you or the Ad Network wants to add another macro for creative_name, you can map it to one of the existing analytics labels on Branch listed here. Then, the link would look like:[AAID]&~campaign=[CAMPAIGN_NAME]&~campaign_id=[CAMPAIGN_ID]&~click_id=[ClickID]&~secondary_publisher=[SITE_NAME]&~creative_name=[CREATIVE_NAME]

[CREATIVE_NAME] is the macro that the Ad Network should send us and we can map it to one of the existing labels as mentioned above, but also map it to any custom parameter, such as:[AAID]&~campaign=[CAMPAIGN_NAME]&~campaign_id=[CAMPAIGN_ID]&~click_id=[ClickID]&~secondary_publisher=[SITE_NAME]&creativename=[CREATIVE_NAME]