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Before you can start sending Branch Links in your emails with Adobe Campaign Standard, you must complete the Universal Email Integration Guide.

Configure your ESP

Adobe Campaign Standard supports multiple brand and tracking configurations so we recommend you to setup an additional brand configuration to verify the integration and after that, you can enable Universal Email for your main production configuration.

Please follow Adobe Campaign Standard Help to add an additional brand configuration.

After you created an additional brand configuration, please setup a new custom click tracking domain and add it to the configuration . You can add a custom click tracking domain at the Brand Configuration page in the field called External URL of the tracking server.


Set up your click tracking domain

After you added and verified a click tracking domain you have to update DNS CNAME for it and point it to Once the CNAME record is added, please allow up to an hour for Branch to generate SSL and AASA files for your click tracking domain.


If your domain is managed by Adobe

Please reach out to Adobe Tech Ops, for Creating a new Click Tracking Domain.

  • Open a support ticket with Enterprise Support, requesting a new Click Tracking Domain and CNAME proxy to Branch
  • Reference the Request Type:
  • Request Type: “5.6 Campaign Tech Ops Post Go-Live Server Config Change”

Please include the following info:

  • Campaign Version (ACC or ACS)
  • URL of Campaign Instance
  • Desired URL of new click-tracking domain
  • Branch CNAME =


SSL Changes

Please be aware that it may take up to an hour to resolve SSL errors once you change the CNAME. During this time, link redirects on the click tracking domain will redirect to If you are making this change to a live domain that has email click traffic from your users, it’s best to schedule time with your Branch account manager to expedite the changes during a time of low click traffic.

Using Universal email

Once you’ve completed the one time setup steps, it’s time to send your first email.

This guide will identify which web links you'd like to open the app and deep link, as well as convert them to Branch links.

Flag your deep links

For the email links that you would like to deep link to content, add $deep_link=true to the URL as a query parameter, for example:

<a href="$deep_link=true" >Link to your app!</a>

This will ensure that your links are converted to Branch links that will open the app on iOS and Android, with full tracking and attribution.

Flag your web-only links

With your email service provider, all email links will open the app by default. In order for your app to know that the email link should bounce to web after opening the app, add $web_only=true to your links as a query parameter, for example:

<a href="$web_only=true" >Link to your app!</a>

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