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Enable Remerge with Branch to power your mobile attribution.



Remerge specializes in Incremental App Retargeting. This means we measure success by calculating the incremental uplift on your bottom-line KPIs. We run a continuous uplift test in the background of every campaign at no extra cost, so you can always get transparency on how much additional revenue was generated by your retargeting campaigns, taking organic conversions into account.

Increase retention and lifetime value in the most efficient and scalable way:
With an infrastructure designed to maximize reach, you can seamlessly retarget up to 2 million users per second programmatically across 500,000 apps. In this way, Remerge drives incremental revenue faster than anybody else.

Partner Capabilities



Company Type

  • Ad Network
  • DSP
  • RTB

Deep Linking



  • Click-Through Attribution
  • View-Through Attribution

Ad Campaign Types

  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns

Ad Formats

Contact support at Remerge for more information.

Click Types

  • Client-side click
  • Server-side click

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

Link Wrapping


Cost Ingestion Support


Cost Ingestion Types

  • API

Pricing Models

  • CPC


In order to enable Remerge, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Created a Branch Dashboard.
  2. Enabled Universal Ads for your Branch account.
  3. Implemented the Branch SDK into your mobile app (iOS | Android)
  4. Running campaigns through Remerge.

Enable Remerge

1. Enable Remerge in Branch

In the Branch Dashboard under Ads > Partner Management, find/search for Remerge. If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.

Click the Save & Enable button.

2. Configure Postbacks

Enabling Remerge will automatically enable the following postbacks:

  • OPEN

You can configure these postbacks or add more under the Postback Config tab.

Send All Events

Optionally, you can check the checkbox for a given postback for sending all events. When checked, all events will be sent regardless of attribution. Otherwise, the postback will only fire for events attributed to Remerge.

Adding Postbacks

Click the Add New Postback button at the bottom of the screen. A modal will appear that will allow you to select an event that you are tracking with the Branch SDKs (including Custom Events).

For more in-depth postback configurations, view our guides:

3. Configure Attribution Windows

After configuring your events, navigate to the Attribution Windows tab to set windows by attribution type.

Recommended Attribution Windows

Attribution TypeWindow
click to session start90 days
click to install30 days
click to conversion event90 days
impression to session start1 day
impression to install1 day
impression to conversion event.1 day

4. Create Branch Ad Link

Next, you'll need to create a Branch Ad Link for your Remerge campaigns in order for Branch to properly attribute conversions.

The Branch Ad Link you create will be placed in your Remerge campaign.

5. Verify Data in Branch

After launching your Remerge campaigns, and conversions begin to happen, you'll want to verify data is being sent from Branch to Remerge. You can look at the Branch Dashboard's Liveview Webhook Records and apply the following filter:

ad partner (3p)equalsa_remerge

Once applied, data should flow through the Liveview, and you can see the data being sent to Remerge from Branch.