The Branch partnership with Braze provides a way to deliver Branch installs and attributions to your Braze dashboard. This allows you to analyze your users coming in from Branch deep linked campaigns.

How it works

We have built a custom integration to automatically send all Branch install data to Braze.

How do we differentiate Braze and Branch installs?

We rely on a Branch link being clicked, which leads to an install. This sets an internal boolean that an install came from Branch.



Get the Braze API key

  1. On the Braze dashboard, navigate to the App Settings section, and click 3rd Party Integrations.
  2. From there, grab your API key (this will be the same for all attribution partners listed on the page).

Enable the integration

  1. Visit the Data Integration on the Branch dashboard.
  2. Search for your Data Integration Partner.
  3. Select your Data Integration Partner.
  4. Provide the required details:
    1. API Key
    2. Endpoint Default (rest.iad-01.braze.com)
      1. Please refer to Braze's documentation on how to find your API key and endpoint.
  5. Click Enable.


Pass Braze Android Install Tracking ID

When you're ready to send data through Branch, you'll need to make sure to pass through the Braze Android Install Tracking ID to the Branch SDKs. In order to do so, retrieve the ID from the Braze SDK and pass this value through setRequestMetadataKey on the Branch SDKs.

Here's a sample snippet showing this. NOTE This is only required for Android. You must set the correct key before calling sessionBuilder()...init(). You must also initialize the Braze SDK before setting the request metadata in the Branch SDK.


Before you initialize in your Application#onCreate or Deep Link Activity's #onCreate.

"Branch.getInstance().setRequestMetadata(""$braze_install_id"", Appboy.getInstance(this).getInstallTrackingId());



In the above snippet, this is the Activity context.


What Branch sends to Braze

Branch Analytics Tag Braze Data Placeholder Tag
Campaign campaign
Channel source
Adgroup adgroup
Ad ad

Braze Endpoints.

By default, Branch uses the new Braze endpoint https://rest.iad-01.braze.com. If your Braze app is using a different Braze endpoint please contact your Branch account manager or reach out to us at [email protected]. If you are not sure what endpoint your app uses please open a support ticket with Braze or use the Braze REST Endpoint table to find your correct REST endpoint.

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