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Branch Sandbox Program


Branch was founded on the fundamental principle that breaking down walled gardens and silos on the internet is a critical requirement to empower brands to build engaging and relevant end-user experiences. We started by delivering the world's most advanced deep linking solution that handled all the complexities of the mobile ecosystem regardless of the platform, or channel customers were coming from or going to. Building on that success, we expanded our solution to support brands in streamlining their attribution and engagement strategy across all existing and emerging platforms, devices, and channels.

To keep the original ethos of our creators alive, we are excited to introduce the Branch Sandbox program. This is our way to reconnect with our cherished developer community to build a future-proof omnichannel linking and attribution system for leading global brands.

As part of this sandbox program, you will be able to partner directly with Branch’s Product and Engineering team for exclusive access to test drive our innovative products before the market and proactively exchange valuable feedback. With your support, we will create the winning measurement and linking solutions of the future together.


If you are keen on partnering on being a part of this core beta group, reach out to us today at [email protected] or fill out this quick form.