Android Version History


( 10 Aug 2020 )

  • Upgrade Play Referrer library


( 22 Jul 2020 )

  • Remove content discovery


( 08 Apr 2020 )

  • Refactor/deprecate test and debug modes
  • Report google advertising ID when in test mode
  • Set pre-install data via install referrer library


( 17 Mar 2020 )

  • Added documentation with 1:1 session builder replacements of deprecated initSession methods
  • Added disableAdNetworkCallouts(boolean) API


( 06 Mar 2020 )

  • Block self-initialization.
  • Delay initialization and block self-initialization until user removes the delay or timeout passes.
  • Collect OAID from Huawei's new devices that don't support google mobile services anymore
    Introduce sessionBuilder.
  • Fix reInitSession when intent contains the extra "branch" and no "branch_force_new_session".
  • Replace initSessionForced with Branch.bypassWaitingForIntent(true).
  • Remove potential NPE in CPID API.


( 30 Jan 2020 )

  • Accommodate single activity architecture/navigation component (reintroduced "SDK already initialized" error and ensured reInitSession() only fires when intent contains branch data).
  • Do not self-initialize if SDK is bundled with a plugin.


( 23 Jan 2020 )

  • Hotfix revert CPID and LATD listener paths to the newer version.
  • Replace "SDK already initialized" error with logs and return latest referring parameters.


( 22 Jan 2020 )

  • Remove install referrer broadcast receiver, bundle Play Install Referrer Library in the SDK.
  • Ensure callbacks are invoked in Kotlin (non-null listeners are passed).


( 19 Dec 2019 )

  • Make attribution window optional for LATD requests.


( 13 Nov 2019 )

  • Remove initialization race conditions.
  • Do not auto-initialize sessions, make calling initSession a mandatory step required of Branch SDK users (officially this was already implied).
  • Overload reInitSession with different callbacks and start advertising it to users as the official way to handle session reinitialization in cases where activity is in foreground and is being reopened.
  • Make sure carrier field does not contain an empty string, omit the field instead.


( 30 Oct 2019 )

  • Removed fabric artifacts.
  • Closed field gaps with TUNE SDK.
  • Fixed sharing links on devices without a touchscreen.
  • Configurable CDN endpoint.
  • Refactored codebase to follow Android Studio project structure.
  • Decoupled LifecycleObserver from main class.


( 07 Oct 2019 )

  • Support for Fire OS.
  • Do not collect advertising ID when limit ad tracking is enabled.
  • Reset advertising ID and limit ad tracking values every time app becomes visible.


( 26 Sep 2019 )

  • Added support for Cross-Platform ID (CPID) & Last attributed touch data (LATD).


( 18 Sept 2019 )

  • Added new customer_event_alias setter method; removed standard event type: customer_event_alias
  • Added IMEI collection code option


( 09 Aug 2019 )

  • Switched to using Android X from the Android Support Library
  • Added new standard event type: customer_event_alias
  • Implemented support for pre-install analytics
  • Added the option to set a custom base URL



  • Allow short link creation while privacy is enabled



  • Hardware ID is now included in every request
  • Cleaned up compiler warnings, and updated tools to the latest versions



  • Added support for push notifications while the application is in the foreground



  • Ensure that Google Aid is present in all requests
  • Refactored how Debug works, including making sure all Debug messages can be turned off if not in debug mode.
  • Added new standard events for parity with Tune
  • Fixed a synchronization issue around the event queue saving preferences while in a synchronized block.



  • Fixed a TLS1.2 issue with HttpsURLConnection on API Level 16~19 devices
  • Added SDK version tag to the Android SDK to aid Google Scanning APIs
  • The SDK now supports deep linking with enableForcedSession() for apps which choose to finish the Launcher Activity within onStart() method

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Android Version History

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