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Xamarin & MAUI

Integrate Branch into your Xamarin or MAUI .NET application.


Whether you've built your application using Xamarin or MAUI, Branch can seamlessly integrate into your codebase so you can start using powerful features like deep linking and attribution in your marketing campaigns.

The steps to configure an application to work with the Branch SDK differ based on whether you are using Xamarin or MAUI, and whether you are building for iOS or Android.

However, the Branch NuGet package you will use is the same regardless of the platform you're on. This package is called Branch-Xamarin-Linking-SDK, and versions 9.0.0+ are for MAUI apps while older versions are for Xamarin apps.

Once you've configured your application and initialized the Branch SDK, the code for implementing features is the same whether you are using Xamarin or MAUI. These features include things like creating Branch Deep Links or event tracking.

GitHub Repo

Open-source GitHub repository: